Starfish Corps is our premier City Year afterschool program that we offer to 3rd and 4th grade students at Sandhills Elementary, guiding them through lessons and enrichment activities surrounding leadership, teamwork, and more. Recently, students in Starfish Corps have been able to write pen pal letters to peers in New York!

The City Year AmeriCorps team at PS/MS 57 in New York City reached out and wanted to start a pen pal program with us. Students in Starfish Corps were incredibly excited! They were able to write to their pen pal and tell them a little bit about themselves, their school, and community. Students had many questions they wanted to ask their pen pals up north! The most common questions were, “What is it like in New York?” and “Do you like the same movies as I do?”

Overall, the students were able to gain letter writing skills as well as making a new friend who is also a third or fourth grade student.


By AmeriCorps Member and Team Leader Victoria Spurlock


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