It is mightier than the sword but often overlooked.  When utilized correctly it has the power to influence masses and shake foundations.  It declared our country’s independence, addressed that our nation was made for the people by the people, that all men are created equal, and caused the spark that transformed one man’s “dream” into a flame that engulfed our country’s greatest civil injustice.  It is found in schools, backpacks, desk drawers, and anywhere higher learning takes place.  The instrument I speak of?  

The Pen

    It is one of few inventions not altered over the years because its construct needs no improvement.  It has achieved perfection for its purpose and its influence is endless.   When placed in the hands of a writer there is no telling what journey one might embark, what emotions may be encountered, and what matters may be debated.   Seeing as April is National Poetry Month, we dared a few of our students to pick up the pen.  We gave them no guidelines, no themes, no rules.  What they provided us with was influenced by their own emotions, thoughts, and experiences.  

What I have for you is the brilliant result when our HGMS students pick up the pen...


Author Grade: 7th
I Ball 
Basketball is my favorite sport
Hit a three
Up and down the court
Get some ankle
Brake and shake
Call me Steph Curry 
Put you on Skates
Call me Lebron I’m boomin’
Shots unstoppable 
Curry I’m shooting
I’m really clutch
3 on the clock
Inbound the ball
I’m bussin’ on the spot

Author Grade: 8th 
Me & My
Ready for anything active
Always there for people
Very nice to others
Never gives up.
My soul is deep, filled with wonders
My curiosity leads to trouble and happiness
My heart leads to trustworthy and love
My eyes lead to the skies above

Author Grade: 8th
I Will Rise
I won’t stop for nothing
I keep it 100
All day my love is strong my pain is low
Though my hearts been broken once before
I can’t take it no more
I’m focusing on me and only me
My future is full of success
I’m going to succeed in everything I do
Haters can’t stop me
Nothing can take me down because I will rise

Author Grade: 8th 
I am the One Who

I am the one who always has a smile on their face
I am the one who always believes that grace will come
I am the one who everyone can fall when something bad happens
I am the one whose eyes sparkle in the sunlight
I am happy
I am the one who

Author Grade: 7th 
Ordinary Life
I am telling you to take your best shot
It might be scary
Make your best mistake
We don’t have time to be sorry
Together we can let go
Be successful through life
Make your parents happy
Take shots you’re scared to take
Sometimes it will be scary
You can fight through it
Life is important
Life is ordinary
Like anybody else’s life

Author Grade: 7th 

I am a role model to my sisters
I love them and I care
My life is theirs to share
Both of them are my life
 I want the best for them
I am their bro
I love my sisters
I can’t wait for them to grow

Author Grade: 7th 
The Football Life
Football is life as you already know
But it’s better to show then to know
You may have the skills and the fashion
But you can’t succeed without the passion
The life football is good and sweet
But I wouldn’t say so on twitter tweets
You can have fun and skills
And great skills can pay the bills

Author Grade: 7th 
When I Love

When I bleed I plead
When I cry I die
Every day on fourth I lose a piece of me
But your love is like an everlasting force
Your love is so powerful so powerful it’s intense
What I have for you is real 
I can’t deal with the feel
Your love is so intense
When I love 


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