Imagine a job where team dynamics are vital for success. While there are many jobs that could fit this criteria, the job that comes to my mind is City Year AmeriCorps Member.  For the past two months I have seen first hand the importance of teamwork. At least 10 hours a day, five days a week, I am surrounded by the same seven corps members every day for an entire school year.  This can seem daunting; however when the right people come together, with dedication to serving a cause greater than self, we have the potential to make better happen.

This diverse group of young people is placed together to create an atmosphere not only to improve the lives of their students, but also for their teammates. It is always a great day when team members can work together at morning greeting to get the students excited about school or write an appreciation for a team member who is having a rough day.  One morning, as the students entered the school, our school team encouraged students to dance as they passed. Even though morning greeting is done at 7:00 am on a Monday morning, we use each other’s energy to energize the students.  Seeing the corps members enjoy their time at school motivates the students to do the same. By continuing to work hard and support other teammates, City Year is able to develop effective strategies to help put students back on track. 

-Tabitha Rue, AmeriCorps Member serving with City Year Columbia

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