This past April, two of City Year Cleveland's Glenville High School AmeriCorps members, Mariah King and Kate Mrofcza, helped present a selected City Year attendance initiative to the Cleveland Metropolitan School District leadership alongside the Glenville High School Attendance Committee in a district wide best practice meeting. The presented initiatives will be used at other schools in the upcoming year. 

The Glenville High School Attendance Committee was established to reflect on successes and opportunities for growth within Glenville’s academic community. They apply action into key areas to ensure continued improvement towards the attendance goal. City Year has been included as a key partner in this initiative.

City Year leads the Go for Green project. Go for Green tracks the whole school’s attendance by grouping individual students into three categories: Green (0-1 absences), Yellow (2-3 absences) and Red (4+ absences). Students in the ‘green’ are offered incentives including food and gift cards to students with weekly ‘green’ attendance and larger incentives are given to students who are in the ‘green’ for the month.

Other initiatives implemented by the Glenville High School Attendance Committee include Fight For Five, which assigns teachers to a group of five students who have been chronically absent. The students meet weekly with teachers to improve attendance. The school also conducts home visits for students missing 10 or more days.

Since the campaign has been implemented, Glenville High School’s attendance increased from below 80% to above 87%.


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