“City Year helped me most in developing better time management and discipline. Working with students, teachers, and after-school programs meant that I had to both plan my own time and clearly communicate schedules to share with others. Discipline for me came with really caring about the work I was doing and caring about the people around me. Once I decided that it was something I wanted to do and that it was worthwhile, it was easy to be dedicated to the mission.”

- Winston Wan, City Year Boston ‘13, Software Engineer at Wayfair


“After four years with City Year, I left to pursue a career in web development and design, where skills like presenting, writing a good email, and knowing when to follow up with stakeholders really set me apart from some of my peers. The most notable thing I’ve taken with me is the ability to openly discuss issues with team dynamics in a way that actually solves the problem and helps people work together better. Being able to navigate difficult situations with peers and work out conflicts are skills City Year teaches that apply to every field.”

- Eva PenzeyMoog, City Year Milwaukee ‘12 and City Year Chicago ‘13, UX Design Apprentice at 8th Light


“At City Year, I worked on a number of projects within a team setting, sometimes using collaborative technology tools, sometimes not. Learning to work productively in a team-oriented setting is extremely valuable experience. My teachers also incorporated technology into the classroom where I learned about different educational software used in schools.”

- Jonathan Golad, City Year Los Angeles ‘10, Senior Software Developer at Altasense, Inc.


“City Year helped me to improve my organization and planning skills. Through the training I received as well as my experiences leading other corps members I learned that it is often necessary to step back and look at the bigger picture. As I work on projects now I know that I need to step back and make sure that I am doing work that is essential to the project because whether you’re planning an after-school activity for second graders or building a Single Sign On service there is always more work than time available.”

- Clay Reimann, City Year Boston ‘08, Software Developer at Yahoo