“My City Year experience enhanced my commitments to service, diversity and the importance of business partnerships. I remain committed to being of service to others now as a mental health professional, to prioritizing diversity in my personal and professional relationships and to fostering business partnerships that enhance community mental health services. I am thankful for the opportunities I have as a City Year alumni to continue to contribute to my community.”

- Mark O’Brien, City Year Chicago ‘04, Mental Health, Alcohol, and Drug Counselor


“Give a year, change the world,’ is more than the motto for City Year to me. I have been living by the ‘change the world’ part since my year in City Year. I currently work in law enforcement as a Victim Witness Coordinator, doing crisis counseling on crime scenes and as an advocate for crime victims through the court process. My year in the corps taught me to have patience for each victim I work with, as well as a better understanding and greater respect for diversity. Most importantly, I learned that each person has a story that needs to be heard.”

- Irene Duffy, City Year Columbia ‘08, Victim Witness Coordinator


“At City Year I was able to work on leadership, communication and teamwork skills as part of my everyday experience. The level of dedication and the work ethic I needed to complete my Corps Year was something that has followed me throughout my career since and has laid a foundation for my current work. As I work with my counseling team addressing obstacles in guiding over-aged, under-credited youth to graduation, the question posed is not, ‘Is this possible?’ but rather, ‘How will we get this done?’”

- Sasha Gittens, City Year New York ‘12, Advocate Counselor, Good Shepherd Services


“As a counselor, relationship building is where you start with any student on your caseload. As an AmeriCorps member, relationship building is where you start with students on your focus list. City Year taught me the power of building relationships and the time it takes for a student to trust that you genuinely care. As I counsel students I am reminded of that each and every day and know that without a relationship I cannot support any academic or social emotional needs they may have.”

- Isabel Barros, City Year Boston ‘12 and ‘13, M.Ed. Counseling Candidate at Harvard University Graduate School of Education