“City Year helped me develop many skills that I still use at Discovery Communications. I would say the most important skill is team work. City Year is very team-oriented and working with a team makes goals more achievable. The same can be said in TV - it takes an entire team to create a show and get it onto the air. Another skill is patience. Working with children can be very challenging at times, but if you practice patience almost anything can be done. When you’re on set, patience is so important. Getting the perfect shot takes time, but once you get it, it’s so worth it.”

- Ashley Bembry-Kaintuck, City Year Washington, D.C. ‘13, Freelance Associate Producer, Discovery Communications


“My service term with City Year taught me the value of efficient problem solving. In particular, the ability to problem solve on the fly, when things don’t go exactly the way you had hoped or planned. The ability to take control of a situation that has gone awry and make quick decisions to get things back on track is a very valuable skill that I honed during my time with City Year and still employ on a regular basis.”

- Rob Melick, City Year Seattle/King County ‘11, VP of Advertising and Sales, Dyno Media


“Empathy, compassion, and curiosity are attributes without which no journalist can find and tell compelling stories. In its own way, City Year cultivated each of these during my year in Boston serving alongside a diverse group of young people working to improve one little corner of the world.”

- Zachary Slobig, City Year Boston ‘94, Freelance Journalist


“My team defined my City Year experience: Learning to flex with them, adapt to them, and function as a collective unit with them was one of the most powerful and impactful learning experiences of my life. As we debate how to approach our show rundown, cover stories, and divvy up tasks for breaking news, I am constantly calling upon the team values of support, empathy, service, and trust that I learned in my corps year, and take everywhere I go.”

- Catherine Whelan, City Year Boston ‘08, Associate Radio Producer, WGBH