“I believe my City Year experience was a strong factor in my admission into the University of Pennsylvania Law School and the significant Levy Scholarship award I received. I work for White and Case, one of the largest law firms in the world, and one that dedicates 10% of its billable hours to pro bono cases. Coupled with my education, my experience with City Year made me an attractive candidate for White and Case. The City Year mantra, ‘Spirit, Discipline, Purpose and Pride,’ can be applied to any profession. I practice this philosophy in everything I do. During my City Year, I learned to work with diverse groups to achieve complex goals, to be a better listener, to adjust to different communication and work styles, and to be a more compassionate co-worker.”

- Adam Schwartzbaum, City Year Washington, D.C. ‘08, Attorney at Weiss Serota Helfman Cole and Bierman Law Firm


“I always knew I wanted to study law, but City Year helped me sharpen my focus and hone my management skills before I went to law school. I was able to write my application essay on education in law, and discover my interest in public service. City Year knows how to put its corps members into positions that will challenge and train them. I learned how to look at the big picture and think more responsibly. City Year is great at putting its corps members in a position to succeed. While in the corps, I was invited to work at a networking event that put me in front of hiring managers at major law firms and was able to establish some important connections.”

- Matthew Tow, City Year Boston ‘11, Attorney Advisor with the Social Security Administration in Washington, D.C.



"Because I work with different clients and attorneys, I constantly have to manage expectations on both sides. As a corps member, I received a lot of hands-on experience managing expectations and working with people who have different working styles, including students, community partners, teachers and school administrations.”

- Nana Otutua-Amoah, City Year Chicago ‘11 and ‘12, Paralegal at Business Immigration Law firm





“City Year taught me how to listen and appreciate the value of diverse perspectives. Where more than in law is understanding multiple viewpoints so crucially important? City Year gave me the skills to really listen to my peers, not just wait for them to finish speaking, even when I fundamentally disagree with what they’re saying. It also taught me how perspective is just a product of experience, which has made me better than many of my peers at evaluating people’s statements without judging the people making them.”

- Andrew Hirschel, City Year Chicago ‘13, JD Candidate at University of Pennsylvania Law School