Lansing, Michigan
Michigan State Unviersity 
FY'14 - FY'15 Team:
Team Englewood Academy High School (in the Englewood community)
Why Did You Decide To Join City Year?
"I serve because the youth are the key to all of our successes, and ultimately, our future. When united through collaboration and love, they are an unstoppable force of will and inspiration. I vow to empower our youth, so they can be leaders and mentors, further spreading the love and learning this world so desperately needs; I vow to listen to our youth, to be empathetic and understanding of their struggle, and to learn from them every day; and finally, I vow to continue the fight, with all of you, against the evils of this world, so one day we will see every child, no matter their background, skin color, socioeconomic status, gender, sexual orientation, or religious affiliation, work and learn together on an equal platform so we as a whole can succeed on the grandest of scales."
Why Apply For A Second Year?
"Deciding to come back for another year was something I had been seriously considering all year, but it wasn't until I had built strong relationships with my students where I knew I wanted to serve again. Even though I will be at a different school, I serve for them. For everything they have taught me, and for everything they've shown me, they've inspired to come back. This year my hopes are that my team can connect with their students like I have with mine. I look forward to developing my leadership skills so I can help guide them and be there to ensure they have the best possible 10-month year of service City Year can offer."
Daniel, along with members of his TEAM Englewood represent their school! Bonus: future Team Leader Miriam Steinberg!!

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