Alyssa, along with City Year Chicago Board Member Michael Alter and Program Director Jewan Garner, receiving her award at last year's graduation
Cincinnati, Ohio
Ohio State University 
Social Work 
FY'14 - FY'15 Team: 
Chicago Vocational Career Academy High School (in the Avalon Park community) 
Why Did You Decide To Join City Year?
"I serve as a CityYear Americorps member because I am passionate about making a difference in the lives of all people, especially the young people of our nation- because students matter, and all students matter equally.
I serve because every student deserves an equitable and honest education and I can do my part to bridge the education achievement gap."
Why Apply For A Second Year?
"During my time as a corps member, I was exposed to new experiences and was gifted with unique opportunities to work in Chicago's neighborhoods and work with a team of diverse individuals. As the end of the year approached, I knew my time with City Year was not over and that there was still work that had to be done. I was inspired to serve another year because of my students, as well as my teammates.
A second year will further help me develop my leadership style and adjust it to fit the needs to my team. It will make me comfortable with being uncomfortable in order to grow into the leader I want to become. I also think it will help me empower others to become the leaders they want to be."
Even if the task if as silly as mummifying your teammate with toilet paper, you can be sure that Alyssa will help lead the charge!

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