It’s one of the various lunch periods at Chicago Vocational Career Academy High School, and because the City Year room that corps members work out of is so close to the cafeteria, there is a dull roar coming from the halls as students go to-and-from lunch. Inside the City Year room, students pop in to say hello, while a few others are hanging out with City Year team members, having finished their lunch and wanting to spend time with them before Friday – their final day at CVCA.

City Year AmeriCorps member Deepa Singh spends part of her lunch period helping a student with their work 

City Year AmeriCorps member Jaime Bell chats with a student during lunch

Other than a few students coming in and out, the room is (by high school standards) pretty quiet. And then suddenly, BANG! The door bursts open, and members of the school’s Safe Crossing program (the school’s crossing guard program; made up of parents and members of the Avalon Park community) come pouring in. Arms laden with gift bags and a cake, they go up to each corps member in the room and personally thank them for the hard work that they’ve done at CVCA. There are hugs, and an exchanging of appreciation, and then just as quickly as they came, they were gone!

We managed to get a few pictures of the flash mob appreciation!

This time of year brings with it a barrage of emotions, but we’d like to thank the Safe Crossing program at Chicago Vocational Career Academy for harnessing the emotion that can outshine the rest.

Thank YOU! 

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