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Even though World Kindness Day has passed, that doesn't mean we can't learn what it means to be kind to others.

Kindness is a simple act of being friendly or considerate. Everyone expresses kindness in a different way. An act of kindness can also brighten someones day, or can make your day feel 10 times better.

Some people express their kindness by giving gifts, while others give their time to service projects in their community. A simple gesture can make someone's day, even if it's just saying good morning.

Here at City Year Chicago, our good morning greetings are ways that we express kindness to our students, letting them know to have an amazing day at school. Giving them high fives or having them participate in power chants (our mini version of a dance off) to pump them up for the day, means the world to my team.

Why not go out and try to celebrate an act of kindness? If you need help, here are some ways you can express kindness (thanks Pottery Barn Teens!), but don't stop there. Be creative! For example one of our students shared a Haiku on what Kindness means to them. Give it a read!

How will you seek to practice kindness beyond World Kindness Day? Maybe serve with City Year Chicago on MLK Day? Apply to City Year as an AmeriCorps member to impact students? Whatever you choose, thank you for practicing kindness!

Jessenia Martinez is a first year City Year Chicago AmeriCorps member serving at the Fuller School of Excellence on the Hyatt Foundation Team.

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