Welcome to our second installment of the Idealist22 candidates! If you'd like to start from the beginning, click here to go to the first installment. 

The above image is of our corps during one of our Unity Rallies - where we come together downtown to participate in Physical Training (and don't get any weird looks at all) and communicate as a whole about how we're doing, and to recognize those among us doing exceptional work. 

Specifically, this image is of the corps congratulating one of their peers for being recognized for the Idealist 11 Award. As the end of our year quickly approaches, we want to be sure to recognize each of our 22 team's Idealist22 candidates. 

The Dvorak Team have spoken!

Al Raby's nomination

Team CVCA (Chicago Vocational and Career Academy)'s selection

Team Tilden bringing the love with their nomination

Team Sullivan with their nomination - it's interesting, because he's the one being cheered upon in the image at the top of the page. Coincidence? 


There are 10 more nominations left! Look to see which other amazing corps members will be part of the...Idealist22


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