This month has been an especially busy time for corps members serving across the country. Having just returned from Winter Break, January is a month full of planning for upcoming events and assessments. The team serving at Kelvyn Park High School wanted to show exactly how their day breaks down, so they followed their teammate Sam to give you the inside scoop! 


7:15 A.M.

Sam, and the rest of the Kelvyn Park team, gather for their First Circle - where they go over the day's schedule together and share information with one another.


7:30 A.M.

Sam joins in the Kelvyn Park team's Morning Greeting - energetically greeting students as they rush to breakfast and first period. Sam is always prepared with an Algebra book, so that he can help students with last-minute homework!


8:05 A.M.

During First Period, Sam offers whole-class support for his partner-teacher Ms. Fernandez, assisting her in that class' lesson, and later working with students on their assignment.


9:00 A.M.

During his Second Period, Sam's masterful math skills are on full display as he leads a group of students in a pull-out session - meaning that their group works outside of the classroom.


9:55 A.M.

Here we see Sam collaborating with teammates during Third Period. They are planning their next whole-school event!


10:50 A.M.

Sam leads another pull-out session during Fourth Period. This time, however, he takes his group to work in the designated City Year room.


11:45 A.M.

During Fifth Period, Sam has a prep period (each AmeriCorps member has at least one prep period a day where they aren't in a classroom). Sam takes advantage of his prep period by taking some notes and preparing for his next class.


12:40 P.M.

During Sixth Period, Sam heads over to the library with a few more students for another math pull-out session!


1:35 P.M.

Sam finishes his last class of the day with excellence! 


2:30 P.M.

Mr. Sam finishes his day off strong with another engaging and informative math pull-out session.


3:30 P.M.

During their Extended Learning Time (ELT - or, their After School program), Sam plays a game of Connect 4 after helping a student with math homework.


5:30 P.M.

After Unity Rally, Sam meets with the rest of the team and discusses ripples and joys of the day and important information for upcoming week.



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