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Nearly 500 students attend the Young Achievers Science and Math Pilot K-8 School.

We are partnering with an organization called BELL to provide a morning program, which will provide students the tools necessary to have a productive school day.

For the first time, we expanded our afterschool program so that we're reaching students in third through eighth grade.

Our Program Manager is Myk Malesardi.

Meet the Bank of America team serving Young Achievers Science and Math K-8 School in Mattapan:

Bank of America team 2014

Rachel J., 24, Boulder, CO
Team Leader
I served as a corps member last year because students’ beliefs in their potential should not be limited. After getting to know my students and team last year, my decision to return to City Year Boston to serve again was simple: I wanted to provide the same guidance and willpower to create change my Team Leader had bestowed upon me as a corps member. Serving another year also reaffirmed my drive to stay within the education field and dedicate my time to those students who need the most support. City Year has shown me that I must live and breathe the way I want the world to be if I ever hope to change it.

Amelia Y., 24, Boston, MA
Team Leader
I serve because every child is born with great potential, yet too many do not have the opportunity to fulfill it. Systematic inequality in the United States hinders our progress as a nation, and serving a year with City Year Boston last year, I saw that I have the power to change this. When my 7th grader said to me, “Thank you, no one has ever just read to me before,” I understood how vital it is that I continue to use my privileged life to serve others. I will serve another year because I want to continue to grow into a servant leader who can improve the world through collaboration, dedication, and empathy. I believe that through service we can combat the pervasive and destructive forces of ignorance and apathy to create a nation of educated and compassionate citizens. I serve to play my part in making this world better for everyone. 

Lucia A., 19, Essex, MA
Corps Member
I serve as a City Year corps member because I believe I can make a difference in the lives of others. Every student should have the opportunity to excel in their education regardless of their race, economic status or learning style. By giving a year of service, I will positively impact those who struggle in school by providing additional support and motivation they need to stay on track. With my learning disability, it was very difficult and frustrating for me to get through all of school. However, I was successful with the support of many wonderful people in my life. I chose to do City Year because I want to be able to give back that support that I received. 

Phylicia B., 22, Swanzey, NH
Corps Member
At Keene State College, I was interested in participating in a service year but had no idea of where to begin. In my junior year, I led an alternative spring break, and we were given a training by City Year. As soon as I found out their aim of ending the dropout crisis through service in schools, I knew I had to apply. I wanted to help be a positive role model in a student’s life. I hope to contribute to the goal of showing young adults that everyone should participate in a year of service to give back to the community. 

Jackie C., Honolulu, HI
Corps Member
Going into my senior year of college, I had no clue as to what I wanted to do after graduation. But the advice of a good friend and a promise of a beautiful city drew me to Boston for the first time ever, ready to serve for an exciting AmeriCorps program called City Year. I came to this decision based on two factors: I love to explore the unknown and I have wanted to teach since I was 12. What I never could have expected is that from my very first day new doors would be opening constantly and new facets of education professions would be presented to me in waves. Today, I want to be a teacher, and a counselor, and an administrator, and a million other things I have not yet discovered. While my dreams may be scattered and my future just a hazy image far off in the distance, I can be sure of one thing—I am, and will continue to be, a change agent.

Anja F., 22, Fairfield, CT
Corps Member
I serve because at the University of Connecticut I was given the resources to open up a dialogue regarding social justice awareness and hear the powerful voices of young, determined people. City Year has given me the opportunity to apply these educational experiences to my year of service, and has led me to understand that my humanity linked to each and every one of my students, teammates, leaders, and peers. I serve because I believe education gave me a voice and no student should be denied his or her voice. I serve because I believe that my students’ potential is limitless, and it is my goal to prove that to them. Foremost, I serve because I am certain that education is the foundation by which we can solve our nation’s problems and will give voices to the young idealists of tomorrow. 

Bri H., 22, Boston, MA
Corps Member
I always knew I wanted to return to Boston Public Schools after I graduated from high school and had always assumed I would return as a teacher. After learning more in college about the “red jackets” that I saw my whole life in Boston, the City Year mission of ending the dropout crisis seemed to fit my goal of returning to Boston Public Schools. I take great pride in the education I received as a public school student in Boston and I am proud that I am now able to encourage a new generation of Boston students to take pride in their education as well. City Year may be a different path to my goal of teaching, however I am proud to be wearing a red jacket and giving back to my city.

Devin H., 21, Bedford, NH
Corps Member
I serve because I refuse to let my generation be called apathetic. Giving a year of service to City Year equips me to be a change agent in our society while helping students realize the same potential in themselves. When I look at the issues facing the world today, I see past the need for charity, peace, love, and education. In addition to all of those things we need capable and driven leaders who aren't afraid to wear their passion for social justice on their sleeve. I’ve done enough waiting and my hands are too clean for this world right now.

Olivia H., 22, San Antonio, TX
Corps Member
Making sure that the needs and rights of other people are met has always been a great passion of mine. Receiving the opportunity to work with Jumpstart, another AmeriCorps program, throughout my college career started the journey that has allowed me to find where I belong. I strive to create better institutions by including all of the members who make up a community. I believe wholly in the power of education and a commitment to children at every stage of their lives. I serve with City Year to continue to promote social justice and the equality that every person and student deserves. 

Hope L., 22, Burlington, MA
Corps Member
I serve because I believe in City Year’s idealism and great power to make a difference in the lives of student through positive leadership and mentorship. In order to overcome adversity and find balance over these years, I often turned to mentors for guidance and to gain the motivation necessary to succeed academically and emotionally. Today, I am grateful for the opportunity to give back in a similar manner to the next generation of students. Though service has always been a passion of mine, it was only after volunteering in a public elementary school while studying abroad in Spain that I felt especially compelled to come home and serve with the same Massachusetts public school system that nurtured me. As I continue to live and learn, I serve for my fellow corps members, for the city of Boston, for America, and most importantly, for the overall wellbeing and success of my students. 

Connor O., 23, Dudley, MA
Corps Member
I serve because my generation will be defined by our response to the numerous social issues facing us today. We cannot afford to sit idly waiting for someone else to act. That is why I have chosen to serve with City Year Boston to help end the drop out crisis. My fellow corps members and I will make a difference in the Young Achievers community this year and it is my hope that in the coming years many more of my compatriots will engage in a service year of their own, either with City Year or another service organization. Over time through our cumulative effort my generation has the ability to be a greater force for positive change in our world than any one of us could ever be alone. 

Gabe S., 23, Brookline, MA
Corps Member
I joined City Year because it was time for me to give back to my community, after being privileged enough to enjoy some of the best education in the state. I believe that this special treatment should come with the intention of putting my learning to good use. City Year represents the most direct way for me to give back; I strive to replicate the loving learning environment that I grew up in and to offer similar support to my students. I'm here to serve how ever I can in order to encourage my students to reach their full potential. 

Abigail S., 18, Salem, MA
Corps Member
I serve because I believe that service is the greatest expression of Ubuntu, the Zulu proverb that states, “I am a person through other people; my humanity is tied to theirs.” People from many cultures, many faiths, and all different walks of life come together and work relentlessly until the rights and dignity of all people are recognized and upheld. I serve because I want to be a part of the legacy of idealism. I love the duality of bursting with pride because I know I am standing on the shoulders of giants and being deeply humbled for the same reason. Idealism isn’t just a delightful by-product of youth. It’s a catalyst of change and a cornerstone of faith. I serve because it’s my response to the call to love and to bring out the best in others by and leading with an attitude of passion, respect, and humility.

Mason W., Boston, MA
Corps Member
I serve so I'm not a statistic. I serve to help find my way because there is no going back to my life before service. I serve to prove statistics are not the only indicators of success. I serve because I love being judged by the logo on my shirt rather than the color of my skin or the housing projects where I’m from. I serve to succeed, knowing that if I fail I am not only failing myself but also my students and teammates. I serve to stop the tears my mom weeps for one son who is serving time to tears of joy for another son serving the city.