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The School received a grant to extend the school day, and offer students intervention and enrichment blocks.

In efforts to expand our math support, we will participate in a math intervention prototype through City Year Headquarters.

Our Program Manager is Cate Reynolds.

Meet the Deloitte team serving at Washington Irving Middle School in Roslindale:

Deloitte team 2014

Nisha S., 24, Richmond, VA
Team Leader
I served last year on Deloitte team at the Irving Middle School because I wanted to transform my passion working with youth into action that tackles social justice issues bigger than all of us. I came back to serve a second year at the Irving as a senior corps member because I see City Year’s work as an investment in the futures of my 6th graders and all the students in City Year-supported schools. This work is important on a scale larger than me; my school, or even my city because every child in America deserves a fair shot at the American dream. But now this work is doubly important because now it’s personal--my students at the Irving Middle School deserve every chance to succeed and pursue and achieve their dreams. 

Alexa A., 24, Dorchester, MA
Corps Member
I was born and raised in Dorchester and never felt connected to my community until we transformed the John F. Kennedy Elementary School on our first day of service with City Year. Being a product of the METCO Program introduced me to an infinite amount of resources which are a huge part of the reason why I choose to serve. I have the ability to live, work, and socialize in my community while being a positive influence and instilling change into the minds of youth. When I was graduating from high school, my mentor suggested that I serve with City Year but I insisted on going directly to college. Seven years later, I am serving in my hometown celebrating my 25th year of life, alongside the 25th anniversary of City Year. I would eventually like to become an art therapist working with mentally challenged children, and City Year gives me the opportunity to build on the skills necessary to reach my goal. 

Jacqui D., 18, Arlington, MA
Corps Member
I serve because I am a cancer survivor and I decided at a young age I would not let my illness be a limit over my abilities. I believe my service this year could be that extra support a child needs to work through the obstacles in his or her life. I can offer encouragement to face their challenges and make something great out of it. As a high school graduate I am still looking for a college with a program that best suits my interests of working with children. Although college is a plan in the near future, I feel my experiences and positive attitude right now in life could be the right encouragement a child may need. 

Hillary F., 22, Pearland, TX 
Corps Member
I serve because every child—regardless of race, socioeconomic standing, or membership in any disadvantaged group—deserves an equal opportunity to create and achieve her or his goals. I don’t believe our education system is equal, but I believe it should be. This simple contrast drives me in my service. While I can’t change the education system by myself, I know that through City Year I can help be the change I wish to see. I want each of my students to be the change they wish to see in the world. I want my students to push beyond the perceived boundaries imposed by society and internalized by individuals. I serve because I believe in social justice for all, and this starts with every child receiving an equal education. 

Emily G., 21, Washington, NJ
Corps Member
During the last year of my undergrad, I yearned for an experience that would allow me to believe that what I do serves a purpose and makes a difference in this world. In hopes of finding this, I walked blindly into a career fair at my school and was greeted by one of the most motivated and passionate people I’ve yet to come in contact with. This man was a City Year alumnus. After meeting him I headed straight home, finished the application, and here I am serving for one of the most amazing cities in the U.S. so that I can make an impact on these students’ lives. City Year stands for everything that I believe in and everything I aspire to be. Being a part of this organization is one of the most amazing honors and I will carry the pride, purpose, and respect that the red jacket symbolizes for the rest of my life. 

Lauren H., 23, Oxford, MA
Corps Member
I serve because I know having a quality education should not be for a selected few, but for everyone. I want to make the students I will serve excited about planning for their futures. Their futures start here. Through the resources and training I will receive City Year, I hope to get kids thinking about what they want to get out of their education. I serve not only because I want to inspire, but I want to be inspired, as well. 

Joanne J., 22, Basking Ridge, NJ
Corps Member
I serve because I believe a quality education should be a right and not a privilege. My education is my most valuable asset, and I believe every child should be able to proudly say the same. I will encourage my students to believe in themselves by setting ambitious goals inside and outside of the classroom. My goal is to make a lasting impression that school is not just about achieving good grades; rather, school is about honing life skills that lead to success and to fulfillment later on in life. I chose to serve at City Year Boston because of the reputation of the red jacket in the Boston area. Inspired by the legacy of previous alumni, I want to continue to build that legacy for future City Year corps members. 

Will S., 23, Mansfield, MA
Corps Member
Throughout my life, I have enjoyed teaching and guiding others through obstacles. I have always wanted to help solve problems that have never been solved before, like the dropout epidemic. I feel that a year of service with City Year is a great way to carry out both of these objectives. Boston is my home city and I am honored and thrilled that I will be making a positive impact on the city’s students. I want to be someone whom my students can turn to when they have a problem that they might prefer to ask a near-peer instead of their teachers or parents. I want to instill confidence in all of my students, so that they understand how much talent they possess. I want to teach my students not just strategies for success in academics and behavior, but also life lessons that they will hold on to for the rest of their lives. 

Wade W., 24, Phoenixville, PA
Corps Member
I serve because I can. The aid that City Year provides its corps members to work with children at their most critical grade levels was too perfect of a fit for me to pass up. I can’t think of anything more worthwhile, rewarding, and honorable than dedicating a year of service in the education system. City Year offers the training and support needed to give your all, inside and outside of the classroom. I have been taught to strive be to the best possible version of myself. Serving with City Year will make me the best possible version of myself and by extension, drive the pursuit of my goals. This year, I have the opportunity to change students’ lives for the better. 

Molly Y., 21, Swampscott, MA
Corps Member
I serve because I believe that we are all connected and succeed through others’ successes. City Year provides a unique opportunity where I am able to actually support change in the lives of students every day and shape the next generation. This year, I see my success as being locked up somewhere deep inside a challenging system. Through empathy and hard work, I will be able to unlock some piece of it and set someone free. I believe I have the spirit, discipline, power and desire to be proud of what I make of my life. I serve because now that I am aware of the needs in our society, I am responsible working to address them in my community. I am serving City Year Boston because someone believed I could and I want to pass that gift along. 

Jonatan “Gino” Z., 22, Boston, MA
Corps Member
I serve to give back to my city and community because I know the daily struggle of students not going to school. Students, sons, daughters, nieces, and nephews end up on the streets, jail, deceased, or on drugs. Growing up, I’ve seen a lot of friends and even family members go down that path and it hurt knowing it was too late to help. I decided to dedicate one year of my life to the city of Boston to work in diverse teams to be part of something bigger then myself. I did it for the future of this country and most importantly for that child, boy or girl, does not end up on the streets or become just another statistic. I am ready to make change happen.