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More than 330 students attend The Trotter Elementary School.

Since 2010, the school has seen a three-point increase in average daily attendance.

We serve 3rd to 5th grade students to increase their literacy scores through targeted interventions and will be role models and inspirations to the young girls and boys.

Our Program Manager is Abe Fox.

Meet the Wellington Management team serving at the Trotter Elementary School in Dorchester:

Wellington team 2014

MacKenzie F., 23, Hessel, MI
Team Leader
I serve because my friends and family should always have the support they deserved. I believe that too many students haven’t received the full resources and attention they deserve. I serve to correct this, to serve the very students who live in my neighborhood, attend my school and call my family theirs. Students are not just kids; they are our future, my future, my family. I serve with City Year Boston to show the impact of a simple act—that of caring for others. 

Kim C., 22, Madison, CT
Corps Member
As a student teacher in North Carolina, I found myself struggling to make the connections, provide the support and reach every student as purposefully as my teachers had reached me as a student. It was during that time that I committed myself to finding a way in which I could reach my students needs not only academically but socially and emotionally as well. City Year has given me the opportunity to fulfill my promise to these students and finally dig deeper into some of those issues. Now that I find myself in Boston serving with City Year, I have found Gandhi’s quote, “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others,” to be one of the most accurate pieces of advice. I serve because there are students who have given up on school and who need more positive support. I serve because I believe school is a place for students to learn and grow while smiling, laughing, and learning to build healthy relationships. 

Krystal F., 22, Cambridge, MA
Corps Member
I serve with City Year Boston because I believe it is my duty to give back to my community. I want to change the lives of inner-city youth because they are our future, and I know what it’s like to have someone see your potential and invest their time to ensure that your dreams are one day accomplished. Despite the environment I grew up in, I was fortunate to have mentors guiding me and pushing me to pursue my dreams. Throughout the years, I have lost many friends to drugs, to the streets, and to misfortune. I truly believe if they had mentors or role models who fostered their potential, they would have been more successful. I serve to ensure there will be fewer high school drop outs and more high school graduates. I serve to ensure that individuals from my neighborhood are pursuing higher education and aren’t settling for less. I serve because I want to change educational inequality. 

Ashby G., 22, Burgaw, NC
Corps Member
I decided to serve with City Year because I believe that your income bracket, ZIP code, or race should not dictate your access to a great education. I decided to serve because I saw the sacrifices by those around me to ensure that I had every opportunity to succeed academically; and I believe that everyone needs champions like that in their own lives. I serve because I owe it to those around me to be a support system, a coach, a mentor, a tutor, and anything else they need to believe in themselves and these students’ boundless potential. I serve because I believe in the power of young people and their ability to change the world. 

Rayshawn G., 22, North Attleboro, MA
Corps Member
I serve because I chose to become a leader of a better future that will not be dictated by what has happened in the past. I am serving in order to end the discussion of how bad things are and begin the conversation of how great they will become. I serve because it should not be considered a privilege, but a social responsibility to help others achieve and maintain success. I serve because this moment was 22 years in the making, and I am now ready to proudly wear that red jacket. 

Rob J., 23, Braintree, MA
Corps Member
I serve because after four years of college—four years of discussing and researching issues like education and poverty within the sheltered confines of my campus—I was ready to take action. I grew frustrated with my own idleness in the face of problems I was well aware of, and claimed to care about. I believe City Year has thoughtful and effective solutions to some of those problems and will empower me to be a part of that change. In my red jacket, I hold myself to the ideals it symbolizes, and draw strength from it to act as the leader I wish to become. Boston is my home, and I proudly serve this city to help give its children a just and equitable education. 

Rebecca L., 22, Woodbury, CT
Corps Member
My plans for after college had always been geared toward service with AmeriCorps, but it was when I heard a story from a City Year corps member who explained the power of the red jacket within a community that I knew City Year was how I wanted to spend my year of service. After studying abroad in Cape Town, South Africa, I realized the education crisis stretched far beyond our borders, but that only confirmed my desire to serve as a City Year corps member. I chose City Year because they embraced my idealism and encouraged my passion for creating social justice and social change. I appreciate that City Year embraces idealism and also the data that proves we’re making a difference at the schools we serve. I know that I’m truly standing on the shoulders of giants when I hear teachers say that they believe every class, in every grade, should have a corps member because of the difference we’re making in the classroom. 

Emily Z., 22, Gainesville, FL
Corps Member
I serve because I believe everyone should find a way to give back to his or her country. I serve because I wanted to do something meaningful with my gap year. I was lucky enough to receive a quality education and was taught to appreciate the value of a good education. I serve in City Year because I struggle with a learning disability and would not be where I am today without the extra help I received from my parents, teachers, and tutors; I want to be the extra help that a student needs. I serve with City Year Boston because my inspiration comes from my siblings who are City Year Boston alumni.