Rogers Middle School

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Our team will work with the Rogers teachers to drive improvement in attendance, behavior, and coursework for grades 6 through 8.

The team will also implement whole school initiatives, events, and teacher appreciation days, as well as an extended-day program that will provide homework support and academic enrichment.

Our Program Manager is Kaitlin O’Donnell.

Meet the team serving at Rogers Middle School:

Rogers team 2014

Sara M., 22, Scottsdale, AZ
Team Leader
During my corps year last year, I met some of the most inspiring students and leaders whose tenacious spirits and passion changed my perspective. I began serving with City Year because I wanted to pay it forward and honor the giants on whose shoulders I stand, but I continue serving because I believe that with the proper support, all our students can be leaders. My mentors believed in me, held me accountable, and pushed me to be my best self. I remember learning from my family friend, Charlie, that service is not just about fixing something that’s broken, but it’s about how you make people feel and empowering others. Thanks to Charlie, my mentors, and my students, I now know that I am here to provide additional resources and support to push students to achieve their highest potential. I serve because I believe all students deserve to have someone invest in them. 

Erin B., 22, Franklin, MA
Corps Member
Service and working with children have been two of the driving forces behind everything I have done since I was about 10. Activities like camp counseling, coaching, volunteering at soup kitchens and homeless shelters, and running service programs ensured that service was always a part of my life. When I graduated I knew that I wanted to incorporate them into my career. City Year has given me the perfect opportunity to do just that. In addition to receiving the amazing classroom experience that will allow me grow as an educator, I will get to make a difference in my home city, a place that is very near and dear to my heart. I believe that the only thing worse than wasted potential is potential that is not even known. I look at this year as an opportunity to be not only a role model and mentor, but also an additional support and resource to help kids acknowledge their own potential, set their sights on big dreams, and accomplish them. 

Ryan B., 22, East Lansing, MI
Corps Member
I graduated from the University of Kansas in May of 2013 with a bachelor’s degree in English and political science. As I progressed through school, I became frustrated by the vicious cycle of education inequality and the idea that one’s birthplace—instead of one’s brain—was a determining factor for a quality education. After thorough research, I found a match made in heaven (or rather Boston) in City Year. I treasure how City Year’s idealist values coincide with my own and that I get to work with young urban students and wonderful corps members who teach me far more than I could ever teach them. Serving with City Year and living in the city of Boston simultaneously fills my soul with an energy that is difficult to define, but can be felt while living and striving toward a greater purpose. My goal for this year is to not complete this definition, but to keep writing one while I assist students who are just picking up their pencils. 

Azia G., 22, Boston, MA
Corps Member
As an elementary student in one of Boston's charter schools, I was fortunate enough to have a City Year corps member. Although I was never on any focus list, the basic support that the corps member gave me kept me encouraged at a time when being seen as “smart” wasn't a popular thing to do. I serve because I believe that, when I am in the classroom, I am not just serving to help a certain number of students. I'm serving to support the entire classroom environment and school community. I serve because I believe that sometimes all it takes is a little extra encouragement. My corps member's encouragement gave me the confidence I needed to take the test so I could continue my education at an exam school where college became less of an option and more of an expectation. I serve in honor of those who served me because I know that I wouldn't have made it without them. 

Matthew H., 22, Andover, MA
Corps Member
I serve because it is something that is necessary for the future of our nation. I believe there are a huge number of students who need additional support to receive a quality education and reach their full potential. When these students do not reach their full potential, it is our country that suffers because it is the innovation and success of today’s youth that will drive our nation in the future. My hope is that my year of service will help these students reach their full potential, and in the future they will be able to ensure the success of our country.

Liam K., 19, West Hartford, CT
Corps Member
Growing up in a privileged community with many resources for education was something I took advantage of. City Year has given me the privilege to not only serve the students and teachers of the Boston Public School system, but also to give back to an American educational system that has given me so much. In order for things to change, you have to contribute and bring more options to the table. The amazing support system City Year Boston has devised is not only focused and legitimate, but important. They give us the opportunity to serve and change the way people think about education. 

Hannah K., 22, North Conway, NH
Corps Member
While attending Providence College, I was given the opportunity to work in multiple charter schools within Providence. This opened my eyes to the discrepancies that exist in today’s public school systems. I believe it was unfair that socioeconomic status seems to dictate the type of education a student receives. In my senior year of college, I was lucky to intern in the recruitment department of City Year Rhode Island. I saw firsthand how diligently City Year works to help solve the dropout crisis, so I decided to apply to the Boston site. Growing up in suburban New Hampshire, I was blessed with an excellent public school education, so I serve with City Year to give every student the opportunity to receive a quality education that everyone deserves. 

Aysha M., 23, Los Angeles, CA
Corps Member
Throughout my life, I have had many people who have influenced me to be confident in my abilities and myself. Unfortunately, none of these people were at school. Without support, I saw school only as a task that was forced upon me; it wasn’t until college that I recognized the benefits of school. Seeing the injustices in my life and those of the students we serve, I want to be another source of positive encouragement that is necessary for students to succeed. Serving in the classroom, City Year gives me the opportunity to be an integral part of changing a student’s perspective on school, as well as gives me the responsibility to be accountable to future generations of leaders. 

Cindy R., 22, Hatboro, PA
Corps Member
Despite a lot of uncertainty surrounding career paths and goals, one aspect of my life of which I can always rely on is my good education. I am lucky to have parents who placed great emphasis on school and learning—parents who always made it clear that I would graduate high school and go to college. These high expectations and standards are a big part of what drove me to succeed, and therefore I serve to pay this kindness forward. I serve because I want to show students that the power to succeed is theirs and because I believe in the potential of City Year to make a real and measurable impact on the dropout crisis. 

Stephanie S., 23, Andover, MA
Corps Member
I serve because I graduated from a high school where the most frequently asked question to seniors was, “What college are you going to?” and not, “Are you going to college?” I know that for many schools in the United States, the question most asked to seniors is the latter. I want students to not only graduate from high school, but to go beyond and apply to, attend, and graduate from college. The world is a big place, and I know I cannot reach every American student on my own, and that’s why I joined City Year Boston – to work with other young people on a team at a Boston Public School in order to execute the “think globally, act locally” phrase that I live out. Boston is not just my home city anymore, it is our home city. 

Annie S., 22, Chevy Chase, MD
Corps Member
I serve because I believe we live in an unjust and inequitable society, and it’s easy to be angry about it but a little bit harder to do something about it. I’m serving with City Year to channel my anger into positive action because I believe in the power of young people. In college in the Boston area, I dedicated my time and energy--both inside and outside of the classroom--toward civic engagement and social justice issues. I studied systems of power and oppression, particularly focusing on the education system. I knew that I wanted to do something education-related after graduation, because I feel very passionately that every single child deserves a quality and inspiring education. I was impressed by the City Year model that is, to me, the most effective way to work with schools, teachers, students and communities. I feel honored to wear the powerful red jacket on this 25th anniversary year in this beautiful city of Boston. 

Joshua T., 21, Portland, ME
Corps Member
Although I am not from Boston, I consider it my home. I am a big believer in the power of young people and through my service with City Year, I hopefully will help the young people I serve to realize their power. I had no hesitation giving a year of my life to national service because I feel it is such an important part of living in a democratic society. Sir Isaac Newton said, “If I have seen further than others, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.” This founding story of City Year is the one that rings truest in my heart, because I hope to be the shoulders on which my students stand one day soon. 

Zachary W., 22, Falmouth, MA
Corps Member
I decided to join City Year based on a belief that every child is brimming with potential. Some recognize this potential and utilize it fully; however, these students are often in the minority. I joined City Year with the idea that I wanted to help students realize their potential and act upon it in a way that will affect their lives positively. I believe this is the best thing that I can do for my students, and it is the reason that I choose to serve at the Rogers Middle School each and every morning.