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Our partnership was expanded in 2011 to support both the Freshman and Sophomore Academies.

We also support the Sheltered English Immersion (SEI) Academy.

We look forward to advancing the goals of the Burke leadership, which include improving student on-time attendance, utilizing student performance data to guide our work, and providing interventions tailored to student need.

Our Program Manager is Julia Leb.

Meet the Comcast/NBCUniversal team serving at Jeremiah E. Burke High School in Dorchester:

Comcast NBCUniversal team 2014

Chelsea E., 24, Florence, NJ
Team Leader
Coming into my second year of service, I have had the opportunity to reflect on the evolution of why I serve. The reason why I first chose to give a year of service with City Year is due to my belief that without equal educational opportunities for all of our nation’s youth, America cannot make the progress necessary to compete globally. But, after completing my first year of service, I decided to come back to City Year to serve another year because of the impact I saw that I had on my students. Being able to see them not only succeed academically, but also seeing the belief they have in themselves grow is one of the many awe-inspiring moments I thrive for. City Year and my students have shown me that service is not just a year long commitment; it is a lifelong call for me. 

Adam H., 23, Mifflinburg, PA
Team Leader 
Doing a year of national service with City Year was not a decision I intended to make after I graduated from college. Now, in my second year of service, I serve because my actions to address the national dropout crisis are filled with much more meaning. My decision to serve has been so pivotal in altering my perspective on society and crucial to my development as a leader that I know I would not be as strong of a leader without this experience. During my senior corps year, I hope to not only continue honing my personal leadership abilities, but to also guide others who are beginning this service journey to reach their full potential as change agents. 

Karim A., 22, Endwell, NY
Corps Member
I serve so I don’t become just another statistic. I serve because I have more friends doing time in jail than working at jobs. I serve for all my friends who died before it was truly their time because so many people gave up on them before even giving them a chance. I serve because I was always told I would fail based solely on the color of my skin and the projects I grew up in. I serve because of the looks of astonishment in people’s faces when I tell them I not only graduated magna cum laude from college but also that I will eventually become a licensed lawyer. I serve for my mother who through pure will and sheer determination gave me the life she never could have dreamed of having. I serve for my friend Irdin, who died in my arms after we were targeted in a drive by shooting. His death kept him from achieving his goals and dreams, and so I serve because I intend to help as many children as possible reach their full potential. 

Kelsey B., 23, Fort Collins, CO
Corps Member
I serve for you and me. I serve for you because I believe in the power of mentorship; a guiding light can help encourage one to discover her true potential. I serve for myself because it is my belief that I grow through the success of others, and that the youth of our community exude knowledge and a love of life that inspires me to become my best self. I serve for us because it is through simultaneously educating our minds and our hearts that we, that you, that I change the world. I serve for us. 

Hai C., 22, Rochester, MN
Corps Member
I serve because I believe a strong education not only helps shape a young individual’s perspective and outlook on life, but it can also determine his or her health and well-being as an adult. I believe through education we can help prevent these health impediments that plague our society today and ultimately help improve the health and well-being of not just those who want it, but those who need it. I chose City Year because of this reason. From its unprecedented emphasis on student attendance to its dedicated attention to students’ socio-emotional needs, City Year clearly emphasizes the importance of education in underrepresented and underprivileged urban areas. I hope that the service that I do and that City Year does will inspire students to stay in school and encourage them to pursue the many great aspects life has to offer, whether it is academics, politics, medicine, or community service. 

Cameron H., 22, North Andover, MA
Corps Member
I serve because I am confused. I am not sure what is up or what is down when it comes to education and inequality and why, or even how. They intertwine so deeply that they appear to be one. I want to separate them. I want to observe the differences and help to make a change where I see one should and must be made. I want to help solve a problem that I don't completely understand but have been told since birth that must be fixed, but more importantly I do believe it should be fixed. And so I am serving to fix even the smallest piece of this societal problem that may never be completely solved. I serve because the more students I can make aware of their potential, the happier and more fulfilled we will all be. 

Alex H., 22, Orlando, FL
Corps Member
I first became interested in service through my work as a mentor and tutor at a nearby middle school during college. This led me to intern at various non-profit organizations, such as the Innocence Project of Florida (a legal organization that uses DNA testing to exonerate wrongfully incarcerated individuals) and a community counseling center that catered to low-income families and individuals. Through these experiences, I saw the dire and pervasive effects of poverty, and this inspired me to give a year of service upon graduating from college. I was drawn to City Year because I believe in the power of education to effect change. I am privileged and grateful for the opportunity to serve at the Jeremiah E. Burke High School as a corps member. 

Courtney J., 22, Cambridge, MA
Corps Member
I serve because I was the first in my family from a long line of single parents to overcome the injustice in the education system and not fall into the statistics of not graduating high school. I serve because the obstacles I have experienced have enabled me able to connect a wide range of people in order to implement change. I serve because not only is it a privilege, but it also it my social responsibility to continue to mold a just and peaceful world as the giants before me did. I serve because it is the only way to constructively work on the issues I see within society. I serve because I experienced many challenges in the education system and the social construct of achievement, and as clichéd as it sounds, I want to be the change I hope to see in the world. 

Alex L., 23, Keene, NH
Corps Member
One thing has been salient to me across oceans and cultures: the immense potential that individuals and communities contain. I firmly believe that education continues to be our last best hope in fighting societal oppression and inequality: it can empower new generations to acknowledge and overcome the barriers they face in society, allowing them to shine forth in a world which sorely needs change. I know that my role is to facilitate access to a quality education for all young people—and I am very privileged to have the opportunity to do so while serving with City Year Boston. I already know that I will grow immensely as an educator, advocate, and person during my corps year. This is the time and the place to work with young people, teachers, families, and communities to catalyze a new generation of leaders and role models. 

Molly M., 24, Jenkintown, PA 
Corps Member
After my final year at Earlham College and then the subsequent year working for Earlham’s Bonner Scholars Program, I found myself in a slump. There was growth happening all around me--within my students, the school and the organization-- but not within me. College and the Scholars Program opened my eyes to the realities of the world and the concept of service, but I was lacking a true connection with Ubuntu, or the idea that my humanity is tied to everyone’s. When I was reintroduced to the City Year program, I realized my opportunity for growth. I must open myself to community culture with empathy - for “‘growth demands relatedness.” This is why I serve. I am not only here to teach, I am also here to learn. 

Catherine O., 22, Middletown, RI
Corps Member
I serve for my sister, who was fortunate enough to receive an appropriate, inclusive education, only though constant advocacy from my parents and her teachers. I serve because if my sister was born in different circumstances, she might have become just another dropout statistic, one more student whose disability prohibited her from walking across the stage at her high school graduation. I serve because the advocacy and mentorship which enabled Kelsey to cross that stage should be a right, not a privilege, and I want to provide that for my students. I serve in Boston because my college education in this great city played an integral role in the development of my social justice awareness; my learning here has challenged me to transform my empathetic mindset into a meaningful action plan for change. 

Illon O., 20, Bronx, NY
Corps Member
My first exposure to City Year occurred when I picked up my younger sister from her third grade class. I got the chance to speak with corps members that served in her school and was inspired by the academic assistance and counseling that they provided to the students. I have been in New York public schools all my life and witnessed the need for additional role models and resources within my school. As a City Year corps member, I want to help my students realize that they all have the potential to do something great. Most importantly, I am excited to observe how much the City Year experience will transform me into a better individual. 

Olivia W., 21, Mastic Beach, NY
Corps Member
As an aspiring teacher, education in my mind will always be an essential area of needed support and impact. During my senior year at Messiah College, I realized that I wanted to learn more about working in an urban education setting. When I discovered City Year, I felt like this organization aligned with a lot of what I am passionate about. Serving at the Jeremiah E. Burke High School is allowing me to learn more and be challenged each day. I choose to serve with City Year this year because I believe in the power of young people. I want to learn from my students, to be present and to challenge them that they can. Ultimately this year I have the opportunity to serve a cause that is greater than myself. Each day I am motivated by my students, my team and the corps; I know that I don’t have to do this, I get to do this. 

Taylor W., 22, Gibsonia, PA
Corps Member
I serve because I believe that every student deserves the same opportunities and supports regardless of his or her background. Every student has a voice and the right to be heard. I serve because all students should feel like their opportunities are limitless. I serve because I lost a friend because he did not believe in his abilities or his future. I serve because parts of the education system are broken, but City Year is one of the organizations making significant strides to fill the cracks. 

Scott W., 23, Concord, MA
Corps Members
I serve because my brother served as a corps member in Providence, and through him I saw that it was a life changing experience. I learned how that it provided him with invaluable leadership experience as well as knowledge and experience related to the real world. Hearing that, when I was finishing college and starting job applications, I felt motivated to do something that would allow me to give back to the community in which I grew up. More importantly, I do not believe that equal education should be something this country’s youth has to fight for, and I deeply hope that I will impact the students who I am fortunate to serve. At the same time I believe that the students will have that very same impact on my development as a member of society.