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The Harbor School is the city’s only full-inclusion middle school, promoting diversity and acceptance of all student abilities.

The school was designated as a Turnaround School in 2010.

We work closely with both teachers and administrators alike to provide students with the highest level of support

Our Program Manager is David Chang.

Meet the Summit Partners team serving at Harbor Middle School in Dorchester:

Samantha S., 23, Boston, MA
Team Leader
For me, serving just one year was not enough. Growing up in Boston and then going away for school made me dramatically aware of the education injustices that existed in my community. I choose to serve with City Year Boston because of their values and strong dedication to serving students who need additional support. Serving my first year as a corps member solidified my commitment to service work around education and gave me a better understanding of education in America. Giving back to the community that helped shape who I am is an investment I am proud to say I have made through City Year. 

Alicia B., 22, Hoosick Falls, NY
Corps Member
At New England College in New Hampshire, I was exposed to the topic of social justice through fellow classmates from areas quite diverse from my own hometown, which further fueled my interests around the issue of social inequalities. Despite the many in-depth lectures and discussions surrounding social justice, I still found myself disconnected from the real problems facing our nation. Becoming a corps member has allowed me to witness first-hand the issues I’ve merely been discussing for years, and has opened my eyes to the true extent of the inequalities present in our communities. I serve because I believe every child, has the potential to be a leader and a role model for those who come after them. I serve because every child deserves the same education that I received, one that puts no limits on what you can learn and how far you can go with that knowledge. 

Ryan B., 22, Franklin, MA
Corps Member
I serve because justice cannot serve itself. I serve because I am a fortunate beneficiary of favorable conditions I did not make. I serve because every child – from Boston, to Detroit, to Dar es Salaam – has the right to fulfillment by education. I serve because my own fulfillment is tied to yours and theirs. I serve because City Year has a vision for a better tomorrow. I serve because it is the right thing to do. 

Ariel B., 22, Wolcott, CT
Corps Member
Completing my teaching practicum in the fall of 2012 confirmed two things for me--that I loved my coursework, and that this coursework would, nevertheless, fail to independently transform me into a skilled teacher. Acquiring a taste of experience had convinced me that structured practice of the craft was what I most direly needed. And so as graduation approached, I found myself mulling over which career options would best continue what my studies had started. It was then that I stumbled upon City Year—an organization that promised to prioritize its impact on students and schools right alongside the personal/professional development of its corps members. Over the course of this year, I hope to utilize these supports to begin pushing the students I serve as creative intellectuals and pushing myself as an adaptive educator. 

Kara C., 22, Peabody, MA
Corps Member
Six months ago, when I began investigating the possibility of joining City Year, I didn’t know that I would be embarking on an adventure that would allow me to find out more about myself than I had believed possible. I chose to serve in Boston because it offered the chance to explore the field of education in an urban environment. From the outside, service with City Year is about giving to the community without expecting anything in return. From where I sit, I am the recipient of so much more. I have gained a valuable perspective about building strong communities as well as an understanding of the difference each of us can make. In my first year of service, I hope to develop the skills to continue to work within the field of education, though I am not sure of the final direction that will be. I do know that the opportunities I have in front of me at the Harbor Middle School will help me shape that direction I will go in. 

Emily C., 22, Miami, FL
Corps Member
I serve because I want to dismantle the cycle currently in play, which I believe unfairly advantages and disadvantages students based on their race or socioeconomic status. I cannot do that without witnessing educational inequality first hand. City Year appealed to me because I have always been acutely aware of educational inequality, and was actively looking for ways to make a difference in the lives of children who need additional support. I chose Boston because I wanted to branch out of my comfort zone and experience something new. Through this year of service, I hope to positively impact the lives of my students. I want each of them to believe with all their hearts that they can do anything and that someone will always be in their corner cheering them on. 

Victoria C., 22, Charleston, SC
Corps Member
I serve because, while I was lucky to have been born into a privileged household, my parents stressed the importance of looking outside my scope of understanding to learn more about the diversity of the human experience. This familial ideal has influenced every important decision I have made thus far and is one of the main reasons I chose to do a year of service with City Year. I know that I am about to embark upon a difficult journey, but if I can influence at least one student to stay in school and embrace the beauty of education, then that will grant me a lifetime of happiness. After my year of service, I plan on pursuing a master’s of social work in hopes of becoming a clinical psychologist. I know that my year of service will give me a better understanding of the social-emotional health of adolescents and the various aspects of their lives that influence their psychological development. 

Payal D., 21, Pleasanton, CA
Corps Member
I recently graduated from the University of California, San Diego with a degree in biochemistry and cell biology and a minor in healthcare and social issues. While my life’s dream has long been to pursue a career as a pediatrician, I knew soon after entering college that my journey would not be a linear one. Before committing another four years to medical school, I wanted to gain some life experience and engage in service. Growing up, I was fortunate enough to have family and mentors who set high expectations for my success and instilled in me a love of learning. I chose to serve with City Year because I want to be that same individual for my students this year. I want to ensure that they recognize their immense capabilities and potential for success. Given the strong correlation between education and health, providing my students with extra support will allow them to thrive as adults. 

Sophia D., 18, West Hartford, CT
Corps Member
Both my home and school environment raised me with the expectation that I would graduate high school on time and then continue on to a four-year university. My high school’s dropout rate is around six percent, which is substantially low when compared with other dropout rates around the country. In the United States 50 percent of dropouts come from only 12 percent of our nation’s schools. My high school was not one of them. I serve because I was fortunate enough to have access to the resources that all students deserve. I serve to give back to the community and ensure that all students have the opportunities that I was given. 

Michael J., 23, Boston, MA
Corps Member
Growing up in the Boston Public Schools system I was very familiar with all the work City Year did both in the schools and throughout the community. City Year corps members were respected and looked up upon by me and all my peers, and I knew that I wanted to someday join the organization and wear that iconic red jacket. I am excited to be doing service work in Boston, the city in which I was born and raised. It is an honor to volunteer my time to help improve this city and the school system. Upon completion of my year of service, I would like to get more experience on managing and teaching youth, as I would like to pursue a career in education in the future. 

Bentley M., 24, Southborough, MA
Corps Member
I serve because I struggled through school and wouldn’t have made it through had I not had help from individuals who cared for me and saw potential in me. I graduated from Algonquin Regional High School and went on to attend Westfield State College where I studied history. I serve because I believe our education system is in drastic need of support. I serve because I like to think anyone would do the same for me. I serve because we can fix it. I serve because my humanity is tied to yours. As a corps member, I will strive to be a complete role model to my students through compassion and pride in my service. 

Isaac R., 24, New Somerset, NJ
Corps Member
I chose to serve with City Year Boston because I believed that I could make a difference while growing as a person. I saw a great professional development and networking opportunity within a city I wanted to live in. I also saw a year of community service where I could apply my tutoring, team, and volunteer experience. City Year Boston has already taught me how to be a better tutor and has begun developing me as a person. I have learned about how lucky I was to attend selective schools, but also that the students in urban public schools can achieve similar, if not better, opportunities than I had with additional support. I serve because it is an honor, a privilege, and an expectation. 

Alexandra R., 18, Pittsfield, VT
Corps Member
As the end of my senior year of high school, I was preparing for college with the goal of majoring in something that would allow me to help people every day. As the end of the year drew closer, I decided that I wanted to gain more perspective by getting hands on experience. One of my most important mentors in high school served as a corps member in the early years of City Year and suggested it might be exactly the type of productive program I wanted. I knew right away that I wanted to spend the next year of my life as a corps member because I grew up in a community that provided me with an excellent education and inspiring role models and I wanted to share that with students in need of additional support. I serve because I want to instill the same sense of self-worth and self-confidence in others that my parents, coaches, and teachers gave me.