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City Year Boston began its partnership with EGLA in 2009 when it was designated a Turnaround school.

More than 300 students attend Elihu Greenwood Leadership Academy

After school, the team offers a free Starfish extended-day program, which consists of an hour of homework support followed by an hour of enrichment programming

Our Program Manager is Cristin Forrest.

Meet the Bain Capital team serving at Elihu Greenwood Leadership Academy in Hyde Park:

Bain Capital team 2014

Lea M., 24, Reno, NV
Team Leader
The reason I serve and have come to serve a second year as a Team Leader, is because I believe that the unity of young people has the power to influence the focus of society. In this case, City Year gives us the chance to unite and demonstrate that we believe in the benefits of a good education, and that each child deserves the access to a good education. I serve because I have undergone drastic personal growth since joining City Year, growth that will last with me throughout my career. I will always remember how City Year made me feel close to a community, to other people both in my team and at my school, and to myself. I serve because there is no reason not to support my community, nation, and world. 

Warren A., 22, Waverly, PA
Corps Member
Every year over one million Americans drop out of high school, and half of these students come from only 12 percent of America’s high schools. I joined City Year because of that fact and chose to serve because I don’t want Boston’s youth to become another statistic. I want them to graduate high school, attend college, and prosper in this country. Even if I can only change the path of one student, I know it will make a difference not only in their life but in mine as well. I serve because I believe everyone should have the opportunity to not only succeed but to thrive.

Lydia A., 18, Winnetka, IL
Corps Member
I serve because I want to make an impact in students’ lives. I believe that everyone has the right to an excellent education, and I want to be part of the movement making that possible. I serve because I want to be another positive role model, another shoulder for students to lean on, and another hand for students to hold. I want to build relationships with students and support them in reaching their full potential by becoming powerful, capable leaders. I serve because I want to diminish the educational inequality that exists in our country. I am part of the movement fighting the dropout crisis and making a difference one child at a time. I serve because, in the words of Mahatma Gandhi, I want to “be the change” I wish to see in the world. 

Stephanie D., 23, Needham, MA
Corps Member
I serve because the need to keep students on track to graduate is too vast to be ignored. Every child, every person, deserves the opportunity to become the most successful version of themselves. Too many children are faced with obstacles that inhibit their ability to flourish. While I cannot singlehandedly eliminate these barriers, I can serve to make a positive impact on young lives. I can be another source of genuine compassion, guidance, mentorship, and support for the Elihu Greenwood Leadership Academy community. I can join the mission to reduce and ultimately eliminate the prejudice that exists in our world. I can help, and so I serve. 

Gabriela D., 22, Rockport, MA
Corps Member
I believe that every child in Boston and across the world should have equal and equitable education opportunities. Growing up 25 miles north of Boston and with a significant degree of privilege, I quickly learned that I had access to a quality public education that many around me and in my own state did not. As a social work major at the University of New Hampshire and as an active volunteer, ally, and social justice advocate, I began to explore these inequities further. I have such a deep love for the city of Boston and the communities we serve alongside that I always knew in my heart giving this year to learn, serve, and work for positive change was a necessity, not an option. 

Victoria G., 21, Montevideo, Uruguay
Corps Member
My brother struggled in middle school. As a high-functioning autistic individual, Ricardo was frustrated with his negative experiences at school, and he knew he deserved better from the system. I am passionate about serving with City Year Boston because I witnessed the effects of the achievement gap in my own home. I was privileged to receive a great education and countless opportunities, while my parents struggled to find a program that offered my brother the education we knew he deserved. I serve because I am committed to fighting for Ricardo and for students like him, who know that they, no matter what circumstances to which they were born, deserve access to a great education. 

Marshall Greene, 18, Brookline, MA
Corps Member
I serve for the next generation of students so that they can have the same advantages and opportunities as I did when I was a student. I serve because the dropout rate needs to change. I want to be that light for my kids and be another person who they can trust and look up to, someone who believes in them and pushes them to their potential. I serve because all it takes is one year for a student to change his or her life for the better, to go from “needs improvement/ failing” to “proficient.” I serve because every student deserves a proper education; I want to be a guide and role model in a student’s life and guide them through the darkness and obstacles, because only love and support can expel darkness. 

Bang Pham, 22, Dorchester, MA
Corps Member
I serve because I believe every child is entitled to a quality education and no child’s potential should be limited by their environment. I serve to be part of a movement that strives to use social justice to end marginalization of many of our communities. I serve to combat the school to prison pipeline with City Year’s graduation pipeline. And I serve to revitalize my own hope for and belief in America’s public education.