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Using City Year’s Whole School, Whole Child model, we will provide supports for DMC students in attendance, English language arts, and behavior.

As well as supporting students during the school day, corps members help facilitate the BOKS Program, an early morning program that looks to get students active and strengthen their abilities to work on a team.

We will host appreciation events for teachers and “Panther Pride” assemblies aimed at recognizing student’s success and improvements.

Our Program Manager is Kevin Tucker.

Meet the MFS Investment Management team serving at the Dever-McCormack Lower School in Dorchester:

DMCL team 2014

Danielle B., 24, Bowling Green, KY
Team Leader
My first year of service at the Dever-McCormack Lower School was a life-changing experience because of the inspiration from the constant dedication of those around me. I chose to serve a second year as a Team Leader because both the City Year and Dever-McCormack (DMC) School communities were extremely supportive and engaging. I am particularly excited by the DMC’s Spanish/English dual-language program. Our students are learning to be bilingual, bi-literate, and culturally aware through teamwork and empathy. The DMC helped me realize that in the future I want to work in education policy related to language acquisition and immigration. 

James D., 23, Easthampton, MA
Corps Member
I serve for many reasons; the most important one to me is the idea of being a role model. I believe that no young adolescent should have to face the difficult problems they will encounter alone; every child deserves a strong support system. Creating an understanding of self-worth was the most challenging thing for me, and I had a strong support system. I can’t even imagine the everyday struggles our students face, yet they still have the courage and strength to come to school. I want to build a strong support system for that child within his or her school. A student’s home life is not something that we can control, but as soon as that child walks through those school doors, that is something we can control. That is why I serve. 

Isaac G., 22, Cambridge, MA
Corps Member
I serve because I understand that equal opportunity has not yet been achieved in this country. I know that not everyone in Boston receives the same education and resources that I received when growing up just across the river in Cambridge. Beyond that, I serve because I have faith in City Year’s approach to the national education problem. Many programs target this same issue, but City Year’s solution via teacher supplementation instead of replacement is a sustainable, cost-effective model that has yielded significant results. I believe this organization, and especially the entire network of Boston Public Schools that it supports, deserves 10 months of my service. 

Sophie G., 22, Brooklyn, NY
Corps Member
I serve because I know what it feels like to not believe in myself and feel as if others do not believe in me, to feel as if I am a problematic student instead of a student with diverse needs. I serve to teach students the skills they need to build confidence and self motivation. I serve because social emotional learning is a missing puzzle piece in our education system. I serve with City Year because I believe in supporting the whole school and the whole child. 

Samantha L., 17, Woodbridge, VA
Corps Member
I serve because when I was in school, I was the child with her head down on desk. I serve because I recognize how fortunate I am to have graduated despite my difficulties working in a classroom. I serve because I want to use my experience to recognize the challenges future young adults of America face and guide them to fulfill their full potential. I serve because everyone deserves the opportunity to succeed in their education. I serve because I want to be the change I want to see, even if I only make a difference to one person. 

Ana Mena M., 21, Lawrence, MA
Corps Member
I chose to serve in a cause greater than myself. I passionately believe that education can break the poverty cycle. It is through equitable education that students can reach their unlimited potential. As a mentor, I seek to empower, motivate, and support students. I serve because these students are our future and have the same right to an education. 

Matthew M., 18, Peabody, MA
Corps Member
I serve because I think that everyone deserves the right to an equal education, but I do understand that there are institutional inequalities in many schools. When I heard about City Year through another corps member, I joined instead of going straight to college in order to reach out to students who do not have the opportunities that I was offered. In helping students realize their full potential, I hope to make a tangible difference in the lives of the students in my class. I deferred my enrollment to Harvard in order to give back to my community, and in return I hope that this experience helps me mature and have a more diverse look upon the world. 

Emily M., 23, Portland, ME
Corps Member
I serve to join the fight for social justice. I serve because as a child, the adults around me encouraged the importance of education and knowledge. This encouragement has instilled in me a lifelong passion for learning. This quest for knowledge led me to study and become an advocate against the dropout crisis. I serve because every child deserves to feel the success and confidence a good education can inspire. I hope to instill in students the same passion for knowledge that opened unimaginable doors and opportunities for me. 

Emma P., 22, Acton, MA
Corps Member
I am serving with City Year Boston because I wanted to spend a year deeply involved with the Boston community. I grew up in a suburb west of Boston. During high school and college I studied abroad and traveled a great deal. I also attended an out-of-state college so I wanted a chance to know Boston better and to come home. By spending a year in Boston Public Schools I hope to grow to know America better as a whole and understand, first-hand, the challenges our nation faces. 

Celeste R., 22, Antioch, CA
Corps Member
After working with youth in both the educational and correctional systems, I saw a severe injustice in quality of education given to those coming from low-income families. I saw so many students who had so much potential, but needed additional support in order to succeed. I chose to serve with City Year because of their successes in assisting students develop their behavior, literacy, and mathematics. As a part of the City Year legacy, I want to make sure that every student knows they are capable of achieving anything. I serve for educational equality: to make sure every student is allotted the resources and support he or she needs to reach her highest potential. 

Maresa S., 22, Scotch Plains, NJ
Corps Member
I serve because I believe in change. I believe that every person we come in contact with has the potential to impact who we are and whom we can be. I serve because I am tired of waiting for others to create change when I have the opportunity to mold the world myself. I serve for the children who deserve better than what life has thrown at them. I serve because I have the privilege and honor to serve. 

Abraham S., 25, Dorchester, MA
Corps Member
I serve because there are social issues that need to be addresses, such as social inequality, lack of resources, poverty, and inner-city violence. I believe that if I’m not part of the solution, then I’m part of those problems. I truly believe that everyday people like me can collectively work to overcome many of the issues that affect or youth. This is why I serve! 

Sara S., 17, Lexington, MA
Corps Member
I serve because on March 21st, 1944, in Budapest, Hungary, a young man named Charles was captured and imprisoned on his 18th birthday because of his faith. He was routinely tortured for the next four years in concentration camp. This man survived, and I am proud to say that he was my grandpa. In his memory, I will do four years of service as a young person. I serve today in his place, because he would have loved to join City Year himself.