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There are approximately 250 students at the Dearborn.

We serve in classrooms in the 6th-9th grades, providing students with support in literacy, math, attendance, behavior, and family engagement.

This is our third year serving at the Dearborn.

Nearly 60% of students at the Dearborn speak a language other than English as their first language.

Our Program Manager is Eliza Casella.

Meet the PTC team serving at Dearborn School in Roxbury:

PTC team 2014

Oliver E., 23, Weston, MA 
Team Leader
I serve because I believe that a high quality education system is the surest way to foster engaged, caring citizens who can work together to make our world a better place. I also believe in the power of education to create equality throughout our society, but only if the quality of education that each child receives is equally high, no matter where they live or how much money they have. I am serving a second year because I want to others to see this power and feel inspired to dedicate themselves to building a stronger community, nation, and world. 

Katherine K., 22, Los Angeles, CA
AmeriCorps VISTA
This is my second year with City Year. I served a group of 6th graders during my time with City Year Seattle. Working one-on-one with students made me realize more viscerally how important achieving equality in education is, and this year I am excited to help improve education at the whole-school level by supporting the Dearborn’s use of student data to improve outcomes. City Year provides a powerful addition of human capital to the schools we serve in. This year as I will help teachers, administrators, and support staff work more easily with student data. Streamlining and supporting data use allows the Dearborn to more effectively target resources and attention, so I am excited about serving again in this capacity. 

Joe B., 23, Boston, MA
Corps Member
I grew up in Boston, and so I serve because I want to give back to the community from which I came. I serve because students need help getting back and staying on track to graduation. I serve because I can be the additional support that they need. I serve because I can. 

Jessica B., 22, Upper Marlboro, MD
Corps Member
I serve because I have been bullied, torn down, and completely dismantled. By putting myself together with the help of family, friends, and teachers, I have a story to tell. I hope it encourages others to persevere and know that no matter what happens, they can survive and keep it moving. 

Fran C., 22, Hillsborough, NJ
Corps Member
I serve because I want every child to know they are capable of becoming great through education. I serve because I believe in the power of love, and I think every child deserves a role model. I serve because I want to be that positive role model for students, someone who encourages them to dream about their future and persevere through any roadblocks. I serve because I love being a part of a movement larger than myself, and I truly believe in doing what you love. 

Travis F., 24, Mission Viejo, CA
Corps Member
I serve because I am human, and as such, I am connected to humanity. I serve because the trials and tribulations, the joy and the happiness, experienced by others, are my own trials and tribulations, my own happiness, and my own joy. I serve because I cannot be human by myself, and because I believe that one day, ripple by ripple, the world can become a better place. 

Lucas H., 22, Wayland, MA
Corps Member
I serve because education should be a vehicle for equality, not inequality. Receiving a good education should not be a privilege; everyone should be entitled to same opportunities, regardless of their socio-demographic background. I am serving because the students of Boston do not deserve anything less than the education I received just twenty miles away. As a product of privilege, I feel a moral responsibility to give others what has been given to me. Through my service, I hope to get to know Boston in a way that few others from my hometown would. 

Yaovi J., 22, Boston, MA
Corps Member
I serve because it makes me sad to see the talents of any student go to waste. I serve because I know how smart and talented all students are and cannot imagine what they could do with their talent if they had the support they need. I have never had any problems when it came to my education, and despite the struggles my family might have gone through, we found our way to make and always keep education a priority. I serve because I want to better the lives of our students in any way. 

Lisa K., 22, Moultonborough, NH
Corps Member
I serve for our students. I believe everyone has the right to live a happy life doing what they want to do, regardless of their ZIP code, their skin color, their citizenship, or their family’s income. I serve to let our students know that these limits can be overcome by the will to do better, which starts with them taking charge of their own education. I believe in our students and will tell them over and over so they can become the next generation of idealist individuals who will continue pushing the limits of our society’s discriminations. 

Kim S., 24, Derry, NH
Corps Member
I serve so that every child has an equal opportunity to succeed. I serve because every child deserves the right to a good education, despite his or her ZIP code. I want every child to have the resources and education that I received. I want to make a difference in the lives of the youth and be a positive influence on a child's life. Seeing the reaction of a student when he or she gets a good grade or understands how to do a math problem is priceless. Gandhi said it perfectly, "You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” 

Luis S., 22, Providence, RI
Corps Member
I serve because there is nothing more enjoyable than making a difference in a young person's life as a tutor, mentor, and role model. I serve because I know that the connections we make now with our students will have a positive impact on them throughout the rest of their lives. I want to help make that happen for all of them and for the entire Dearborn School community. 

Kate T., 22, Foley, AL 
Corps Member
I serve because I believe everyone has the right to an excellent education that allows them to achieve their highest potential. I serve because every child, no matter their skin color or ZIP code, deserves to feel loved and supported, and I am dedicated to making that happen. I serve because I can and must. It is the duty of every capable young person to serve in the communities most in need in order to equalize quality of life, and in my opinion education is the most logical place to start making transformational change. 

Lan T., 23, Worcester, MA
Corps Member
I serve because I wish to be the change that I see in the world. By starting with myself and by taking the initiative and pledge to serve, I am starting the ripple—the ripple of motivation, inspiration and faith that all others can join in making this community better, this city better, and this world better.