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We will implement City Year’s Whole School, Whole Child education model, identifying three areas that indicate a student is at risk for falling off-track to graduating: chronic absences, poor behavior, and poor coursework in math and English.

Our team was featured in The Boston Globe this December. 

Our Program Manager is Nicole Kfoury.

Meet the team serving at Condon Elementary School in Boston: 

Condon team 2014

Eric H., 25, Mifflinburg, PA
Team Leader
I serve because I believe wholeheartedly that every young person possesses an unfathomable amount of potential and strength that must be supported and amplified if we hope to make our world a more beautiful place. I serve to protect and nurture this potential, working to reduce the number of those young minds who “fall through the cracks.” I serve for the realization of a more beautiful world. 

Jordan S., 23, West Simsbury, CT
Team Leader 
I serve because I have the opportunity to be a part of something bigger than myself. I cannot imagine a more valuable use of my time and energy than working towards a higher quality of education in America. 

Shaina B., 24, Jennings, LA
Corps Member
Before beginning my year of service, I volunteered with the Adults Literacy Advocates of Greater Baton Rouge. I worked with a small group of adult learners focusing on literacy and math skills required to pass the General Education Development (GED) exams. The time I spent with my students ignited the flame driving my interest in education. My students said time and time again that they wish they had someone standing in their corner when they were younger. One of my students told me that he was able to put together a presentation that may lead to a promotion, using the skills I helped him to develop. That is why I serve: to positively impact the lives of others by helping them to gain competency and confidence! My job is not to make life choices for someone, but to help them unravel the layers surrounding the key to a successful future. My hope remains the same for my students this year. 

Virginia B., 24, Southbury, CT
Corps Member
I serve with City Year Boston because I want to make a positive change in the city that has become my home. I hope to support growth in each student’s confidence and self-esteem by addressing their individual needs as a student. I serve my students so they believe in themselves enough to go forth into the world as independent thinkers who believe they can reach and surpass their goals. I want to instill a sense of adventure in each student, so that their dreams are not limited by the societal structures created by those who came before them. I serve because I want to partner with the Condon community to actively create an educational experience where every child is given the opportunity to succeed. 

Lincoln G., 23, Louisville, KY
Corps Member
After living in the Greater Boston Area for four years of college, I felt the need to know this city on a deeper level. My main introduction to Boston Public Schools, which certainly sparked my interest, was through years of volunteering as a health educator with Peer Health Exchange. Furthermore, my mother and lifelong role model has been an elementary school teacher for decades, so I was raised with immense respect for this realm of work. I strongly believe in the necessity of fusing together students’ academic and social-emotional well-being, which City Year clearly exemplifies in their core beliefs. Also, as an openly gay man, I intend to cancel out every day I grew up hearing homophobic language in school and elsewhere with a day of compassionate and mindful service that makes every student feel welcome. 

Ali G., 18, Medfield, MA
Corps Member
I serve because I am a human capable of sharing wisdom, compassion, patience, empathy and love. I serve because while I grew up in a privileged, supportive family and attended a top public school, there were children elsewhere struggling to chase their dreams. Some even believed they could not succeed. I serve because I aspire to help those children find their voice, their passions, and the confidence that they can achieve their goals, whether academic, social, emotional, or interest-based. I serve to be an active listener, an emotion validator, and an unwavering motivator. I serve to inspire, mentor, and be a catalyst in the positive all-around development of my students. 

Zachary K., 18, Culver, IN
Corps Member
Growing up I had the privilege of having an amazing education, something that I believe everyone should have. I have always been interested in service and using my time for a cause bigger than oneself. I came across City Year by chance, as the one person in my area who knew about it happened to be a good friend and he suggested it to me. I did some research and saw that City Year has many of the same beliefs and core values as I do, especially in terms of ending the dropout crisis. Since I love meeting people and seeing their joy when they accomplish goals and learn something new, a year of service with City Year just felt like the best possible way for me to spend the year after I graduate. 

Matt M., 21, New York, NY
Corps Member
I serve because I believe inadequate education is at the heart of nearly every social issue in this country. If every child received the same educational opportunities this country could be as great as it aspires to be. I am a college graduate and have been fortunate enough to have received an excellent education. I serve because I believe that every child deserves this opportunity. I will give everything I have this year to the students of Condon Elementary school in the hope that my service will help support them on their paths to successful futures. 

Jeff P., 22, Bridgewater, MA
Corps Member
When I learned about City Year through a career fair event at my college and also a family member, I knew it was the right path for me. Although I had originally considered serving with the Peace Corps, I decided to pursue City Year Boston to serve in my own community. I serve because I believe that education is the ultimate tool for success in the future. A superb education, in my mind, would eliminate many of the ills of the world. I hope that this year will bring to me the experience and the tools I need to better support children and their academic goals. 

Kathryn R., 22, Appleton, WI
Corps Member
I serve because I want my actions to speak louder than my words—to lead by example and encourage others to serve in their community. I serve because I believe all students can benefit from the support provided by a corps member throughout their journey to high school graduation. I hope to support students’ love of learning and to make students’ dreams of graduating and continuing their education come true. I serve because a quality education opens the door to countless experiences, both in future educational and career opportunities as well as becoming a successful member of the community. I serve to develop the leadership qualities in my students, and in myself. 

Hannah S., 18, Salem, MA
Corps Member
I serve because I wanted to take a year to have a profound growth and learning experience. I believe that service to others is one of the best ways one grows as a person, from the smallest to the biggest and most significant things that we do for each other. I chose to serve with City Year specifically because having a mom who has worked daily with struggling students for years has brought the issue close to me. Everyone I spoke to about City Year talked with conviction about the tangible, quantifiable, and widespread results the program supports. The idea of practical idealism appeals to me. I consider myself idealistic and here is a place where I can learn to put idealism to work and to transfer the skills I learn to my own future goals in life. 

Becca S., 22, Indianapolis, IN
Corps Member
I serve because every student has value and deserves a quality education. I am here for students who might believe they are incapable of success. I believe every student is capable of great things; I love when a student achieves a goal he or she never thought was possible. Finally, I serve not only empower students but to have students empower their peers and their school community. 

Brianna T., 18, Mattapan, MA
Corps Member
I found out about City Year back when I was in sixth grade, and I was immediately captivated. Ever since then I knew I wanted to be a part of that wonderfully inclusive and idealistic culture. I waited patiently for many years; now I am a high school graduate, I am finally getting my chance to make a real, positive difference in the lives of others. Each City Year Boston corps member was handpicked from an ocean of eager volunteers to serve the community of Boston, so I am deeply humbled to be one of just 265 who were chosen. To see the smiles and enthusiasm of my students when they see me is truly an honor; I couldn't ask for anything more. Young people are the future and I serve to ensure that future is phenomenal. 

Robin T., 23, Hartland, VT
Corps Member
I was inspired to serve by two friends, past City Year corps members, who told me that serving with City Year was very hard work, but they loved it. I am ready to dive head first into this commitment and into what I feel is the very best thing I can do with this year of my life. I have always felt strongly about celebrating diversity and inclusivity, and I was thrilled to see these values represented by City Year. I serve because I love to learn and I want to share that joy with others. I serve because I’ve had one too many other jobs that seem so meaningless compared to supporting the foundation of our society—in a classroom, at the desk and in the life of a young student. During this year I plan to go all in for a cause greater than myself, and be a pair of ears, an unwavering smile of encouragement and a source of creativity for the students I serve. 

Danielle W. 21, Buffalo, NY
Corps Member
As a student, I attended great inner-city public schools with educators who taught me more than just academics; they taught me that I have agency and the power to enact change. But I also saw students in my neighborhood giving up on school, and schools needing additional resources to serve those students. I serve because I believe that all students regardless of skin color, zip code, or socioeconomic status deserve a quality and successful education. I serve because I believe that change happens from the ground up, one day at a time.