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The 25th Anniversary Foundation To Be Named Later team is comprised of seven senior corps member who have returned for a second year of service.

This year, our team will plan more than 20 service events around the Boston community.

Our service events recruit and engage more than 1,000 volunteers each year.

Major annual service projects include Opening Day, Thanksgiving Service Day, MLK Day of Service and Project 351.

Our Manager is Bri Gochenour.

Meet the Foundation To Be Named Later Boston Civic Engagement team:

FTBNL team 2014

Claire C., 23, Diamond Bar, CA
Service Leader
I proudly serve because I believe that the greatest possible service to our country relies on direct education intervention and the physical service branch of the national service movement. Growing up in Los Angeles county, CA and attending college in the Inland Empire, I developed a passion for social justice, public education, and labor organizing. I chose to serve in Boston because of its revolutionary past in bringing groundbreaking change to our country. My objective this year is to learn from my new community and actively pursue my passion for public service. I have been rewarded the privilege of returning to City Year for a second year. 

Stephanie G., 23, White Plains, NY
Service Leader
I serve because I want to see positive change. I want to set an example for others to follow as I have followed in the footsteps of great leaders of the past. I refuse to continue to be a bystander to the daily inequalities. I choose to speak up against the “norm.” I serve because I believe every child has the potential to succeed when given the opportunity and support necessary. National service is no longer a small piece within my life journey, but has instead become a lifelong commitment I will strive to fulfill each and every day. 

Hilary I., 23, Hingham, MA 
Service Leader
I serve because we belong to each other; our very purpose in this world is to better each other’s lives. It is my responsibility and my privilege to serve others, and doing so with an organization that believes I can achieve significant change is incredibly empowering. My second year of service with City Year seemed only natural - I am surrounded by passionate young people who desire positive change as deeply as I do, and we are able to grow together as leaders while working toward a better world for students and families in the city I love. 

Albert L., 22, Garden Grove, CA 
Service Leader
I chose to serve a second year at City Year in order to have the opportunity to cultivate vibrant atmospheres where students are able to thrive in. I also wanted to have the opportunity to illuminate and connect volunteers to the overall mission of City Year—to close the implementation gap between teachers and students. I strongly believe in transformative effects of service and hope to strengthen bonds between volunteers and the communities they serve in this year. I will do my very best this year to strive toward creating a space that reflects the high caliber of the inhabitants of the communities we are in. 

Mobolaji O., 25, Lagos, Nigeria
Service Leader
I am serving a second year as a Service Leader. Last year, I served at the English High School in Jamaica Plain. It was an enlightening experience. Above all, I came to observe was the effect of the physical space of learning had on how my students viewed their educational experience. This was definitive moment in my choice to be a part of the Boston Civic Engagement team. I want to create the spaces where my students will feel proud to learn and, most of all, for them to be aware that there are people who care deeply about their success and want them to expand their minds. 

Alexandra Q., 23, Atwater, CA
Service Leader
I chose to serve a second year with City Year Boston because last year I saw the significant amount of change that could come about in a year of service. I knew that as a part of a team, I could help improve the learning, development and experience of so many students and teachers in Boston public schools. This year, I decided to focus on physical changes, and now I serve so that students, teachers and administrators can enjoy the spaces they use each and every day. Everyone should have a chance to feel happy and supported in their environments, and the schools should reflect the learning happening inside it. 

Carl S., 23, Brookfield, CT
Service Leader
I’m originally from Brookfield, Connecticut and did my first year of service with City Year Rhode Island. Why do I serve? Through my travels, I have seen injustices around the world. I have seen how the color of your skin, your gender, your religion, your social status, among many other things, can define your well-being. I serve because everyone, no matter who they are, should have equal opportunities. I serve because I want see my brothers and sisters have the best chance to unlock their potential and have the same opportunities and privileges I had.