by Kay Mollica, AmeriCorps member on the State Street Foundation team with Higginson/Lewis K-8 School

Being part of a team is a pillar of City Year culture that I have found to be my favorite part. Teamwork can make even the day’s most tedious moment a joy. Whenever a teammate passes me in the hallways of the Higginson-Lewis, we are always quick to support each other with a quick head nod, a “you good?”(my favorite) or an update about one of our students in Extended Day (“Marcus* was awesome today!”) We always start the day on a positive note with City Year’s basic ripples, joys, and appreciations, and my team has begun doing a “question of the day” morning segment. We ask each other thought provoking questions that result in deep conversations, which usually end with us coming together and laughing. It provides the human element of support needed to remind me that we all have many dimensions as individuals, even though we all have a very particular job description that requires us on paper to look the same. It is these daily interactions that remind me how much we all bring to this organization.


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