by Cait Dorrer, AmeriCorps member on the DePuy Synthes Companies of Johnson & Johnson with Orchard Gardnes Pilot K-8 School

Six-fifty a.m.
First circle*, Share your joys, We
Break on C.Y.B. 

City Year Boston,
Pride, Integrity, Respect
Start the day off strong.  

*First Circle- City Year AmeriCorps Members start and end their day standing in circles, so that everyone is seen and heard. This is where important announcements are given, and where corps members are given the chance to share their joys and appreciations. Each circle ends with a spirit break, which is like a sports break. We break on a motivation phrase or word to start or end the day with a positive mindset.  

My 8th graders learn
How to put their thoughts onto  
Paper, speak your truth. 

They grow everyday
Reading, writing, speaking, thoughts
Talent is unmatched.  

Every day, I am
Thankful to be introduced
To the grand future 

During the winter,
The sun rises and sets, I
Only get glimpses. 

Therefore I get my
Sun in other ways, through the
Laughter, pride, smiles. 

My alarm blares at
Five-thirty a.m., and I
Embrace what will come. 

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