It’s the stuff of nightmares for just about every school-aged kid. Yet on a Saturday this April, Boston Public School students, City Year AmeriCorps members, and employees of team sponsor Advent International all came together to beautify the Condon K-6 School in South Boston. The day started early, with AmeriCorps members getting to the school around 7:00am to finalize preparations that had been started earlier in the week:

A City Year AmeriCorps member walks away from the camera in front of a wall primed for painting.

The day’s work was varied: We  brightened up the school’s walls.

Volunteers paint a wall blue and white at the Condon K-8 School in South Boston.

We created panels with inspirational quotes to be hung up around the school.

Volunteers painted a panel that says "It's never too late to realize what you want in your life and it's never wrong to fight for it." -Drake

Some volunteers even spent time creating kits for students to use on their upcoming assessments!
Volunteers were in no short supply and we found that some of the hardest workers came in the smallest packages.

Old and young volunteers alike paint a blue and white wall at the Condon K-8 School in South Boston.

Volunteers sit and make teacher appreciation kits in South Boston.

It was certainly a full day. Part of the mindset of these physical service days is a firm belief that the spaces where learning takes place are just as important as the people that fill them. Bright surroundings beget bright ideas and at the end of the day I could not wait to see how my students react to their newly painted school. When they filed in on Monday to get their breakfast from the cafeteria, every student was gazing at the new, bright walls and commenting about the new look.



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