by Kay Mollica, AmeriCorps member on the State Street Foundation team with Higginson/Lewis K-8 School

I love Boston. It is small and scrappy, especially in its love for home sports teams. I find the culture witty and blunt and feel that even at its petite city size; there is fresh air and fresh adventure available to us AmeriCorps members! Though hours are very committal for a service year, we always have weekends. Here are my quick tips for serving in and enjoying such a dapper little city on a budget!

Carry a student ID everywhere, if you have one. Corps members typically have graduated high school and / or have been enrolled in a college / university. Plenty of museums, matinees, even restaurants accept student IDs as a form of discount!

Utilize the T. The Commuter Rail can take you all the way to fun places like Walden Pond! A teammate and I took a Sunday trip to Salem, Mass once just to explore! Pack a lunch and these kinds of day trips can be very budget-friendly.

Enjoy the public amenities. I’m amazed that I own a Boston Public Library card. The Jamaica Pond in Jamaica Plain of Boston is gorgeous and often holds free festivals and events. As a resident, you’re welcomed and encouraged visit and enjoy all Boston Parks & Rec! Leslie Knope would be proud.


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