Compiled by Denys Godwin, corps member serving on the National Grid team

Students in our afterschool program at the Blackstone Innovation School had the chance to enter poems into a city-wide competition earlier this year. This young poet addresses the issue of bullying, proving the pen is mightier than the sword.

Be the Change

By Sierra*, 5th grade

When I’m in school I think about the people that have been bullied.

I see them crying, mad and depressed

And I want to get this out of my chest.

It makes me feel like standing up to the bullies by speaking up to them.

I want to help all of the people in my school so they can feel better.

We should stop bullying to make school a better learning space.

And take it out of this place.

We can make all the grades stand up.

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* Name changed to protect student privacy.

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