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Photo of Eric Leslie, smiling in a black sweater.

Union Capital Boston (UCB), founded and lead by Eric Leslie, activates volunteerism and civic engagement in order to build a more resilient and successful community network. The UCB App is the only resource aggregator in Boston that lists hundreds of events and programs and allows individuals to build resumes of volunteerism and activism. 

We sat down with Eric Leslie to talk education, his work with UCB, and the value UCB has in the city of Boston.

CYB: How has education shaped your trajectory as a leader?

Eric: Education has shaped my trajectory in countless ways. Both of my parents are educators, inside and outside of schools, and they inspired me from an early age. Furthermore, I recognize the privilege and opportunity I was afforded growing up in Cambridge, being able to access some of the best education in the world and benefit from racist inequities that enable white privilege. That made me angry and driven to work alongside others to battle injustices and build systems and opportunities of equity for all.

Inspired by my parents and mentors, I became a teacher with Teach For America in Philadelphia in 2004. I was fortunate to serve as principal of KIPP Philadelphia Charter School from 2008-2012. Teaching and leading a school further fueled my passion and commitment to develop broad-based large-scale organizational networks that can spark social capital, create opportunities, and build power. I returned home to the Boston area to reconnect with my community and networks, and to piece together the building blocks that have become Union Capital five years later. I took Alan Khazei’s class at the Kennedy School in 2014 on social entrepreneurship and launching City Year, which was instrumental for me in putting together the vision and initial plans for UCB!

CYB: What is the value of UCB in the community?

Eric: Every person in every community has value, has worth, and has something they can bring to make us strong collectively. UCB is creating the spaces and pathways to share those sparks, values, and collective power to improve our communities and build pathways of opportunity for all of us.

CYB: What values do UCB and CYB have in common?

Eric: We share the belief that one day we can and will create Equity for All.

CYBTell us one fun fact about you!

Eric: My 6-year old daughter is smarter than me! She can speak (some) Chinese and I can’t!!

Want more UCB? Check out their upcoming Network Nights and Holiday Resource Fair! 


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