by Leah Hall, AmeriCorps member serving on the State Street Foundation team with Higginson/Lewis K-8 School

This journey began six months ago.

Those were the days of Basic Training Academy (BTA), our six-week long summer training. My fellow AmeriCorps members and I had just been put on our service teams, we were starting to get to know our teammates, and we were in the process of earning our red jackets. September soon followed. We made the transition from BTA to full-time service. At last, we were in our schools. We were getting to know the students, teachers, and administration. My team and I spent a good amount of time learning names, and navigating the hallways at the Higginson-Lewis.

Since then, the days have gotten longer, the weather has gotten colder, and snow has finally begun to fall. We are no longer new to our schools, and our students no longer see us as strangers. All of these things may bring about new sets of challenges. Most of our students are comfortable with us, and we have gotten to know their personalities. This is how we can recognize when our students are behaving in ways that are out of the ordinary.

On days like these, it is important to remember why we do this work. We are in our schools to support our students, and help them be their best selves. It is also important to keep in mind that our students are humans, just like us. They have their rough days, and it is up to us to treat each day like a new one. So during these hard winter months, we should be motivated by our students’ success, and keep in mind why we serve.


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