By Ellie Sánchez, AmeriCorps member serving on the Summit Partners team with Winthrop Elementary School
Header photo by Anny Lee, AmeriCorps member serving on the CSX team with The English High School

Good morning

I see little girls, brown faces delivered from mothers with eyes heavy from 12 hour shifts.
Daughters put on Earth not having to ask their mothers if she needs help with her bags.

Good morning
She knows.

Beyond the entrance of the school door is an unknown world.

Good morning
Seek to understand.

I asked her what her breakfast was today. she shrugged.
In class, I watched her as she read her favorite book.

The skin I am in.

She wonders whether next year middle school will be just. like. that.
We read it together sometimes.
She makes fun of how I say the -tion words.
I can’t say them.
Bilingual tongues bond over this.

Good morning
Don’t tame a wild tongue.

The world beyond the school doors becomes clearer.
But they’re still foggy on those cold snowy  days.

Good morning

Sometimes the most mundane words are the most powerful.

Good morning

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