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By Lucas Holmes and Kate Tessman, corps members serving on the PTC team

Colorful, creative, and fun, wall displays are a great way to cultivate a positive environment in schools. Posters are also an effective means for promoting good attendance, behavior, and coursework.

Our team promotes good attendance by making it a whole-school competition, in which homerooms from all grades compete for the best attendance average (ADA). This music-themed poster features students who have made great improvements in their attendance.

Dearborn Community

Alongside the large attendance poster is a new bulletin board that aims to reinforce a strong sense of community within the school. Students from the our team’s extended day program participated in the creation of this poster. They wrote notes about things they liked about the communities to which they belong and stuck them on the board.

love yourself

In February, we lead a social-emotional initiative called, “Love Yourself.” Students were able to post sticky notes with something they liked about themselves. This objective of this project was to remind students of positive aspects of themselves and always try to refocus on the positives rather than the negatives.

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