By Rebecca Pelletier, corps member serving on the Sun Life Financial team

The Readiness Check
My boots and my shoes
Pressed pants, shirt tucked in, name tag,
Heart, mind, smile, and soul.

Morning Greeting
High fives, left and right.
It’s you! Get your smile on!
We’re so glad you’re here.

Heads bent over desks.
Pencils and words flowing fast
From minds to pages.

Reading is for spies,
De-coding someone else’s
Story, ‘till it’s yours.

Students all lined up
Look as they did this morning--
But one day wiser.

Final Circle
I barely recall
This morning, but I know this:
I’ve made a difference.

The Day’s End
Finally home, I
rest. Eyes closed, I dream of lessons
to come, goals to reach.


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