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By Golshan Jalali, AmeriCorps member and Team Leader, Westfield Capital team at Mildred Avenue K-8 School

Still itching to be a part of a classroom after your year of service? There are opportunities for AmeriCorps alumni to continue their involvement in education, and even lead a classroom of their own. Boston Teacher Residency (BTR) is an organization that partners with Boston Public Schools (BPS) to place exceptional teachers within Boston’s education system and to make a lasting impact on students. BTR recruits college graduates of all ages and prepares them for an accessible path to teaching—including helping them obtain a master’s degree focused on education.

BTR has a competitive application process and prospective applicants may choose to apply with a focus on elementary, middle, or high school track. If invited for an interview, applicants participate in a rigorous full-day interview that includes a “group problem solving” meeting scenario, at least one interview, and completing an approximately seven-minute lesson plan in front of a classroom (with students rating the applicant on how they could see the individual as a potential teacher).

If accepted for the program, BTR is a four-year commitment. The first year encompasses a curriculum similar to City Year’s service model. You will serve as additional support within a BPS classroom collaborating with a partner teacher and working closely with students. BTR residents not only serve as in-class support, they also take on increasing responsibility over the course of the year and by the end are doing about 50% of the classroom teaching. They participate in regular coaching cycles in which they prepare lessons with the help of their coaches (Clinical Teacher Educators) and receive feedback immediately afterwards. Simultaneously, you will be completing graduate school your first year. After your first year of residency, you are committed to three years of teaching within Boston Public Schools.  

City Year fosters valuable skills such as communication, collaboration, and cooperation that can be transferred to a classroom and makes AmeriCorps members strong applicants for programs similar to BTR. For AmeriCorps alumni who are eager to go into teaching and to continue serving in Boston’s community, BTR is an unique outlet to continue making a difference.

To learn more about BTR or to apply, click here!

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