By Marilyn Mora, AmeriCorps member serving with Sarah Greenwood K-8 Dual Language School

As the service year continues, spring may be on its way, but the cold perseveres Boston. We thank our students for keeping hearts warm with with these mid-year appreciations.

Students surprised their City Year AmeriCorps members by giving them notes of appreciation before winter break. This student’s note was especially appreciated as Nadia* is a very shy student in the classroom. Being her City Year corps member I’ve often wondered if I’ve established a good relationship with her because she is very reluctant to engage with others. Though I’ve never seen Frozen, I appreciate the kind comparisons and this note tells me that she sees the effort I am making in reaching out to her and her fellow students. 

This appreciation shows the importance of making learning fun. “It was fun because that’s the only time we could yell out answers,” and the classroom doesn’t always have to be quiet.

This was the first interaction a new student had with an AmeriCorps member at her school. The new student was apprehensive about school so finding out that she responded to drawing was the first step in establishing a good mentor-student relationship.

The new student who was apprehensive and trepidatious about speaking to adults and students at the beginning of the year has come a long way since then. This note highlights not only the support her AmeriCorps member gave her but also her own perseverance and efforts in her education. 

When asked to draw “someone they admire” two 3rd-graders drew the 6th-grade AmeriCorps member, Ms. Mora, who led them in their extended day space.

*Name changed to protect student privacy


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