By Sara Sussman, ’14

A Moment (with a capital M) is a situation that makes a deep impact on an individual.

At City Year, the Moment could span chess game you play with a 3rd grader to your entire first day of school in the classroom with your partner teacher. A Moment could take place when you are hungry and tired and there’s still seven hours of tutoring, lunch groups, and meetings left in your day. A Moment could occur when you feel on top of the world.

A Moment can even happen without your realizing it. This is the type of Moment I wish to bring to your attention, reader. These mysterious, commonplace yet unrecognized Moments are actually what unknowingly keep you going when service gets tough.

If I turned back the clock to my first hour serving at City Year, here’s what I remember: face after face after face, rows of white shirts, blue jeans, kind smiles, laughter, and the sounds of people making new friends filled the gymnasium at John F. Kennedy Elementary School as we began Basic Training Academy. I remember feeling lost in the huge, tumultuous crowd. I remember circling in a team with people I didn’t know, more faces. I remember that it was warm outside, and that there were around two hundred of us sitting eating sandwiches together for lunch in an outdoor schoolyard, and I remember that it felt pretty good—new, exciting, and right.

Now that I think about it, it felt like a Moment.

What was your Moment? What will your Moment be?

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