By Rebecca Kropp, AmeriCorps member serving on the Advent International team with Condon K-6 School

Appreciation: (n) Gratitude for Something

Appreciation flows through my team like water flows through a river. In some places the surface of the water seems calm but rest assured, underneath it never stops moving. At other parts of the river it is more obvious that the water flows; rapidly splashing up as it makes its way around any and all obstacles on its way to its mouth.

It’s easy to see that my team and I appreciate and value each other often. Sometimes an appreciation is a simple thank-you in the moment. Other times it’s offering to help, sharing an official appreciation at first or final circle (when teams gather at the beginning and end of each day). But just as a river may appear still, yet the water is always moving, not all appreciation is visible to the naked eye. Even if my teammates and I don’t have time to verbally appreciate each other every second of every day, I can see their appreciation in their work ethic and I try to do the same.  When we say we are going to do something, either for each other or our students, I can count on it getting done. To me this says just as much if not more as the verbal appreciations we splash each other with every day.  

I will be forever grateful for my teammates and I will never be able to express enough appreciation for them or the support they provide for our team in our year of service.

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