City Year Boston (CYB): What first attracted you to City Year?
Nolan Greene (NG): I was finishing college and was drawn to number of things about City Year. I did community service throughout college at after school programs, amongst other projects. I saw City Year as an opportunity to serve for a year, continuing to work with children in education, in an organization committed to diversity and to developing leadership.

CYB: Describe your transition from City Year to your current career.
NG: After my corps year, I realized I was really still interested in the direct service component of City Year, and I wanted to gain more leadership in the direct service world. I applied to be a Program Manager, and was a Young Heroes PM a City Year Columbia for two years. Then I was the Development and Recruitment Manager for the site. That was a real learning opportunity about how to market City Year to different audiences and brought about an interest in marketing and communication. I was considering my next career move, and I had become interested in corporate citizenship and management practices at nonprofits, and so I decided to pursue an MBA. I chose to go to BU because had a great balance between a traditional MBA program and resources in nonprofit management, social entrepreneurship, and corporate social responsibility.

From there, I actually ended up not directly in a corporate citizenship type role, but having worked for an organization like City Year, with a clear mission to improve the world, will always affect how I make decisions. I ask myself how I am serving others and what my job can do to make the world a better place.

CYB: What is your current job and title?  What do you do in this role?
NG: I am a Senior Research Analyst in Network Infrastructure at International Data Corporation. I’m responsible for researching and maintaining a knowledge base on enterprise computer networking products. I’m responsible for reporting on revenues and market shares, but also technology trends and how this technology is used in different types of organizations.

CYB: What do you love most about your job?
NG: I love working with technology because I’m interested technological innovation, and how it changes how we do things in the world. That’s a broad statement, but from where I sit, I get to see how tech impacts things like business transformation, healthcare delivery, and education. I firmly believe that social innovation will be heavily spurred along by technology, and working in network infrastructure, which enable mobile devices and all the world changing apps we know to run and be accessible, allows me to see that from a unique perspective.

CYB: How did City Year prepare you for this position?
NG: City Year prepared me to be an independent leader. I had many opportunities to take on different projects and to develop leadership and managerial skills in diverse settings. The emphasis on doing a good job, on the City Year value of excellence, was also great to have as motivation.

CYB: What brought you to reconnect with CY in Boston?
NG: Before business school, City Year was the entirety of my career. Post-grad school, I explored other areas and new environments. But a few years out of City Year I realized I had been missing it, especially the focus on building the beloved community, and how City Year is so intentional and thoughtful about that. I wasn’t getting that elsewhere. I had made so many great memories at City Year in the past, and wanted to make more. And it was a great way to overall get more plugged in to the Boston community.

I’d encourage anyone that’s having a similar post-City Year experience to join me and the rest of the City Year Alumni Board at the Ubuntu Night and Alumni Reception next week!


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