by Zachary Davidson, AmeriCorps member on the Advent International team with Condon K-6 School

Math can be a frustrating subject for a lot of students, but one my students has found a myriad of creative ways to practice and show off his growing skills. Asad* loves word problems because they add context to the skills he’s building.

He can be shy at times; his voice never rises above a low murmur.  Yet it always seems like his thoughts are two steps ahead of his tongue.

Recently, he has opened up to me and he’s like a radio that is dialing into the right frequency. Throughout the now-constant stream of chatter he keeps up in math class, we have been working through his multiplication tables as well as computing increasingly large numbers. One morning, just as I crossed the threshold into my classroom I heard: “Mr. Davidson! Mr. Davidson! I figured out how old I am in days! I’m gonna do it in seconds now, hold on!” As I started to move towards my desk to drop my backpack, he gave me a look that said I had better watch while he finished this problem because I needed to see how hard he worked.

After many class periods spent in a productive struggle, moments like these pull me back to my students’ love of learning.

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