Every industry has their fair share of jargon. The education sector is no exception. Between the acronyms and the wordy phrases, it can sometimes feel like everyone around you is speaking in a secret code.  We know it can be challenging to pick up on them all quickly.  That’s why we’ve translated the most popular jargon to help you crack the City Year and education code.

Bridging the achievement gap
What it means: “Providing extra resource (like mentors and tutors) and support to the students who need it the most.”

Help student graduate high school college and career ready.
What it means: “We teach students how to learn and work.”

Keep students in school and on track to graduation.
What it means: “Motivate students to come to, and stay in, school.”

Social Emotional Learning is essential component of student success.
What it means: “Let’s teach students to be aware of, control and express their emotions in a positive manner. Learning this skill is just as important as getting good grades.”

the capacity to be aware of, control, and express one's emotions, and to handle interpersonal relationships judiciously and empathetically.

 We leverage a data-driven approach to our service.
What it means: “We use measurable data to decide what’s working, where we can improve, and which students need our support.”

Demonstrate a growth mindset.
What it means: “Believe you can improve by trying harder.”

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