City Year Alumni

City Year has helped over 30,000 alumni develop the skills to help launch them on their future career paths.

Alumni of City Year go on to start careers in every sector, including becoming doctors, lawyers, engineers, , entrepreneurs, and nonprofit and education leaders. By taking a gap year with City Year our alumni have a leg up on their peers because employers value the leadership skills that alumni gain during their  year of service.

City Year Boston Alumni

City Year alumna Molly Mitzner, who currently works as a Community Affairs Specialist at CSX shares, "Before City Year... I didn't know that this was a possible career field for me. I didn't know jobs like mine existed even."

Because of the experience our alumni have had during their City Year AmeriCorps year, and the leadership skills that they have gained, they are able to launch their careers and unearth passion and drive that they may not have even realized they had.

Consider a year at City Year and propel yourself into a career of your dreams. It's well worth it, just ask our alumni.


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