City Year Chicago 2016 BTA

Seven Days in Chicago!

From the corps kick-off service day to finding out where they will be serving for the upcoming school year, City Year Chicago’s AmeriCorps members are ready to #MakeBetterHappen!

City Year Jacksonville 2016 BTA

Meet City Year Jacksonville!

This year, we are proud to be serving in more schools with more AmeriCorps members to #makebetterhappen for more students than ever before. Over the past month, the 120 AmeriCorps members who are serving with City Year Jacksonville have undergone an intensive Basic Training Academy to prepare them to make an impact with their students this year. 

City Year LA BTA 2016

My City Year(s)

AmeriCorps Team Leader Darryll Lim just started his third City Year and explores the moments that inspired him to return to service.

City Year New Hampshire BTA 2016

Motivation: The Comeback

As a City Year AmeriCorps member, we are often asked why we serve. Most of the time, we give back simple answers such as, I want to make the world a better place, or children have a right and responsibility to equal education. Nina Santiago and Ian Kernohan will share their perspective.

City Year Philadelphia BTA 2016

Dear Future AmeriCorps Member

At City Year, we know that each Corps sets the foundation for the next. From a student's continuum of mentorship to a teacher's anticipated support, the great red jackets that came before us have set the stage for our success. When last year’s AmeriCorps Members were asked for their best advice for the service year, the responses ranged from straightforward to funny to inspiring. Enjoy!


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