By JoAnne Sylvia Drake ‘09 ‘10: Regional Recruitment Manager, Northeast

Your senior year of High School or College can require a lot of juggling, especially during your final Spring Semester. Not only are you focused on schoolwork, but also on your next steps post-graduation. In my time at City Year, both as an AmeriCorps member and a staff member, I’ve had the chance to grow significantly, both personally and professionally. Having had opportunities to interview for many different positions within City Year and experience working as a Recruitment Manager, I’ve found that there are a few great ways to prepare and leave a positive impression with potential employers at career fairs.

Be prepared

If your school doesn’t provide a booklet with a brief overview of the different companies and organizations at the career fair or networking event, do your own research ahead of time! Even a simple google search on your phone before approaching a table can help make a positive impression by showing that you took that extra step to learn about their mission and goals.

Choose 2-3 facts to share

What experiences do you think will make you stand out to someone you just met? At networking and career fairs employers speak to many different students, so anything you can do to make sure that you are remembered is helpful!

Dress for the job you want

This doesn’t have to break the bank! Look up the nearest consignment shops near you to kick start your professional wardrobe.

Use eye contact and a smile

You’ll increase your approachability in the first few seconds of your interaction with an employer. It may seem obvious, but until it’s second nature, be sure to use the following as a checklist when you approach someone:

  • Look them directly in the eye

  • Shake their hand

  • Introduce yourself

Your senior year is a time to find out what’s out there and asses what might be the right fit for you. Don’t be afraid to talk to every employer at a career fair that is of interest to you. As long as you are taking the right steps to make an informed decision and a positive impression- nothing can stand in your way! Good luck!


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