So you want to be a [insert your dream profession here]? That's wonderful. There are many ways you can prepare for your career: studying at a university or vocational school, taking an internship, finding a mentor in the industry. You've probably heard all these options before—but here's one you may not have heard: join AmeriCorps.

Seriously. A year of national service will challenge and develop you in ways you never imagined.

In a January report released by the Corporation for National and Community Service, eight out of 10 AmeriCorps alumni said the program advanced and benefited their career path. Regardless of your career aspirations, a year of service can help you build your professional skills and strengthen your resume.

In addition to gaining soft skills that employers value (like communication, teamwork and problem solving), our alumni said they gained valuable skills that they use in their everyday jobs. Here are three skills you'll build during your service year. 

8 of 10 AmeriCorps Alumni said their service helped their career goals

Data Analysis
Data is an important part of the City Year program. We utilize data to help us determine which students need our support and where. Learning to review and analyze our students' progress is critical in ensuring our students are continually challenged and are getting back on track to graduation. These analysis skills are transferrable to a variety of careers, fundraising, marketing, business and more.

Working with a Diverse Group of Individuals
“City Year taught me teamwork. It took me a while to realize that you have to be able to work well with people around you. I wasn’t very good at working with other people that had different personalities, different values, things like that. I think my year with my [City Year] team really helped me grow in that way," City Year Philadelphia alumnus Hyung (Harry) Cho said. "As I went through medical school and went through all this training, I realized that that was a key part in making things work. If I remained pigheaded, if I was stubborn and I was the way that I was when I first started, I don’t think I would have come this far. I think I could still be a physician, but a bad one.”

Event Management
Throughout the service year, our teams lead a number of events for their school community, such as family literacy events, attendance recognition awards ceremony, career fairs or whole-school math carnivals.

"[City Year] fostered the ability to visualize the big picture of a program or project and identify how each small step move the project and program forward." --City Year San Jose alum

From organizing the event programming, planning decorations and activities, sending invitation—there are lots of moving pieces to managing events. Our AmeriCorps members learn how to delegate tasks and collaborate to run the best events possible. 

How Can City Year Advance Your Career?



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