National Grid is committed to delivering safe and reliable energy to the customers and communities we serve. And that commitment expands beyond energy. 

For over a decadeNational Grid has invested in City Year, both in the U.S. and U.K., by supporting teams of AmeriCorps members in Boston, New York, Providence, and London as a regional team sponsorThrough their sponsorship, thousands of students have received one on one support from City Year AmeriCorps members like Justin Roias, a team leader in his second AmeriCorps year on the National Grid team serving at Gilbert Stuart Middle School in Providence, Rhode Island. Here is his story.  

 “I have had the great privilege of witnessing my students transform in the midst of hardships that are all too common among our students.”  

 Justin’s dedication reflects his personal commitment to giving Providence youth the opportunities he wishes he had as a student. Justin graduated from Hope High School in Providence and earned his bachelor’s degree from Rhode Island College. xperiencing education inequity first hand encouraged him to commit his life to strengthening the Providence community. It was this commitment and his tireless motivation that led him to be named the 2016 Eli J. Segal City Year AmeriCorps member of the year. 

 “Justin looms large both as an asset to City Year and a role model for the students he serves,” says Gilbert Stuart Middle School Assistant Principal James Scott. “He has been an integral part of our efforts to improve attendance, including playing a key role in launching President Obama's "My Brother's Keeper" initiative, and overseeing before school programming. Because of this dedication he has earned the respect and admiration of the faculty and administration. He has a bright future and has brightened the futures of many students through tireless service."  

 Here is Justin’s story of one student whose future he had a hand in brightening: 

 “Justin is quite simply the most extraordinary young man I have ever had the pleasure to meet,” says City Year Providence Board co-chair Andrew Horwitz. “Having grown up under extraordinarily challenging circumstances, Justin has accomplished so much in his young life through grit, determination, self-sufficiency, and perhaps the most positive outlook I have ever encountered. I don’t think there is any goal that Justin thinks that he cannot achieve, not because he is immodest or egotistical (he is not), but because he understands the incredible power of drive and positive energy. He is, without question, a leader of the future.”  

 Justin aspires to go to law school and use his legal expertise to serve those who desperately need advocacy and justice.  

 As he finishes his service year, Justin joins the City Year alumni community of over 25,000 inspirational leaders hoping to make a difference in the world. City Year alumni are encouraged to explore career opportunities with National Grid and other sponsors who value the idealism of City Year AmeriCorps members. 

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