“How will City Year benefit my career?”

Find out Thursday, January 29. You’re invited to join City Year for a Twitter chat from 8 to 9 p.m. EST.

You’ll have the opportunity to tweet your questions to #askCY to learn more about what it’s like to be a City Year AmeriCorps member and get genuine, honest answers in real-time from three current corps members.

Meet our panelists:
Rachel Noall, @Rn_cycle
AmeriCorps member serving at @CityYearCLE
University: Allegheny College  
Age: 23  
Hometown: Shaker Heights, Ohio


I joined City Year because I felt connected to the organization's model and wanted to learn more about public education in the United States.  I chose to apply specifically to the Cleveland site because I love the city and felt an obligation to help those in need in my community.   

My advice for anyone thinking about applying? City Year is a unique organization because it is very transparent about its culture and objectives.  Do not hesitate to do further research, reach out to current corps members, or contact City Year alumni if you are thinking about applying and want to know more.  In particular, those who have completed City Year will be able to tell you the most about the day to day work that we do.  In addition, you do not need to be interested in a career in education to be an amazing AmeriCorps member.  Corps members have various degrees and educational backgrounds, which makes learning fun for all students should you apply!    

Steve Wheadon, @Wheadon29
AmeriCorps member serving at @CityYearDC
School: Wyoming Valley West Senior High School
Age: 18
Hometown: Kingston, Pennsylvania


During my time in high school I served as a District Governor of Key Club International, the world’s largest student led service organization. My past servant-leadership experiences, coupled with a constant drive for success, formed the roots of my stringent commitment to public service. These roots blossomed into stronger branches as I made the preeminent decision of my life, to serve as an AmeriCorps Member with City Year D.C. at Kelly Miller Middle School. I chose to serve with City Year because I want to inspire future generations of leaders to leave their footprints on the sands of time. I believe each and every student has the potential to succeed, and it has become my personal mission to deliver unto them the keys to its fulfillment.

Making the decision to serve with City Year was easily the best decision of my life, but the experience itself has been one of my most challenging. However, by making every moment count and learning to appreciate the little things in life, my service year has been extremely gratifying. By treating every experience, positive or negative, hilarious or heartbreaking, as another vital step in my continuing development as a public servant and, more generally, as an empathetic human being, I feel that City Year has enabled me to grow in a manner I never would have otherwise discovered.

Erin Lashway, @_erinlashway
AmeriCorps member serving at @CityYearLA
University: Occidental College 
Age: 22
Hometown: Eugene, Oregon


I serve because I hope to one day inspire young people the way I was inspired by a teacher in high school: to always give 110% in everything I do, and to believe I had the power to shape my own future into whatever I wanted it to be. I believe creating an encouraging and engaging environment in the classroom is key to shaping students’ lives in a positive way.

This time, it’s my turn.

As far as service goes, I would recommend being clear with students as early as possible what your role in the classroom is; there are days where you’ll need to put on your teacher hat, but then there are also days where you get to be more of a mentor, or even a friend. Also, managing your time well is a huge thing! I still struggle with that sometimes. If you have something due and a spare minute to do it, just sit down and get it done because you’ll thank yourself for it later.


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