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When you sign on to serve as a City Year AmeriCorps member, you are agreeing to embark on a journey that is going to transform your life along with countless others. Your students will not forget the investment you are making in them and in their future.

"Being a consistent figure in a student's education lets them know that you're committed to them and that you care about them," Eric Colomb, City Year AmeriCorps member said. 

City Year AmeriCorps members work with students

Creativity and Consistency Are Key

In addition to being a great role model and mentor, working with children and youth requires consistency and creativity, especially when you’re trying to engage students in learning. Sure, this may sound simple, but in reality is hard and exhausting work.

"When you go home, it's like, 'Phew,' because you've been putting so much of yourself into all these people," Cate MacQueen, a City Year AmeriCorps member said.

Make a Difference to a Student

While the work is challenging, it's also incredibly rewarding and worth all your efforts. When you witness a student have an "ah-ha" moment, when the light bulb finally clicks and they understand a math concept they've been struggling with, it makes every long day worthwhile

The work may be challenging. The days may be long. But, the impact you will make in a student's life make's all the difference. If it challenges you, it impacts them. 

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