This year we launched our first national Alumni Letters of Support campaign. Nearly 1,000 City Year alumni from across the country, and world, wrote a letter of encouragement, inspiration, and support to be shared with this year’s currently serving AmeriCorps members during “City Year AmeriCorps Member Appreciation Month.”

Throughout the month, we celebrate and appreciate City Year AmeriCorps members for their service to students, schools, and communities across the country. The extra support and encouragement of corps appreciation month shows corps members how many people care about them and energizes them to finish the year strong!

Here's what one City Year alumna had to say in her letter to the corps.

Dear Awesome City Year AmeriCorps Member,

I know the school days can be long and that things may not always end up the way you had planned or envisioned them to be. Progress might be slow or seemingly nonexistent, and sometimes you might even question if what you're doing makes a difference or even matters. Other days you might see real growth and feel inspired and on the right path. No matter what you're feeling at this juncture, I am here to say that what you're doing matters. You matter. Your students are being shaped by you in the best of ways so keep striving to meet them where they're at and have continued faith in their potential. Because your belief in them, support, and kindness will be returned tenfold even if you're not there to see it.

I say this because in the past seven years since I first stepped onto the campus of Mathson Middle School in San Jose, I have seen my former students succeed in many ways. From graduating from high school, to getting their first jobs, to going to college, to performing unbelievable acts of kindness, I count myself lucky to have been able to spend so much time with such amazing young people. I hope you are able to savor the moments you share with your students and colleagues during the rest of the school year, and I wish you all the best as your year of service comes to a close.

Thank you!

Amanda Liles

Amanda Liles (City Year San Jose/Silicon Valley ’11, ’12, Peace Corps Volunteer China, 2012-2014) currently works as an E-Learning Instructional Designer at the State of Utah Department of Corrections where she develops classes and trainings to improve the education of people who live and work within the prison system. In her free time, she teaches English to refugees and recent immigrants at a women's shelter. She is committed to working to improve the lives of others, and believes City Year was a catalyst and inspiration for her deep dedication to service and community building that she strives to maintain each and every day.

Are you an alum interested in supporting this year’s corps during ACM Appreciation Month? Contact your local site point today!

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